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RVF400 engine lifespan expectations??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by boxh34d, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hey there. I know this is a bit like 'how long is a piece of string', but what would be an average lifespan for the RVF400 engine. Assuming its been reasonably well looked after, how many kilometers before a rebuild is getting due. 100K, 150K etc??
    How many miles is too many for a second hand one of these. Ive done a bit of searching about, and most people are pretty happy with theirs, and have said they don't tend to have any major faults, but I'd be very interested to hear what everyone has to say.

  2. They'll easily do over 100,000 km's if they've had regular oil.

    If in any doubt, get a compression test done (you need special plug adapters to do this though on RVF's).

    A lot less than that if they've been raced. I put 30,000 km's on on in ONE year... and owned it for several more.

    I would rather buy a well serviced bike that has big mileage, than a poorly serviced low miler.

    The only fault the bikes have is that the original reg/rec is prone to failing, update it to an aftermarket one (or even better, a Yamaha unit) that has cooling fins.
  3. Definitely get it checked out whether you consider a low or high mileage example. Many will have had the clock wound back on import or during a change of hands anyway.

    They're great bikes though :grin: ...if you're not tall you won't regret a good one :LOL:
  4. Rubbish.

    Have you ever seen any bikes in Japan with over 50,000 km's??
  5. Sazzbutt.

    Have you ever seen a purple monkey dishwasher?

    :LOL: Sorry, I can't make the connection...just because they don't do big miles in Japan doesn't mean the clocks don't get wound back at import or between private owners :p I know some imports come in as wrecks or incomplete bikes, slapped together and given a fresh lick of paint.
  6. yep my recent purchase has 95K on the clock, starts and runs well apart from needing the usual servicing

    FWIW you wouldnt bother with a rebuild unless you have mates rates or specifically are going for a 450 kit , replacements motors can be found for not much coin
  7. You could probably score an engine for cheaper then a top end rebuild, but if you do the work yourself, you not only get a practically new engine, but save a bit of dough too.

    How cheap is the example you are looking at? I would imagine about 120-150K would be about the limit to the engine. Have you ridden one with low kms just to see the difference? I know that i rode around a cb400 with high kms (70K) and thought it was goin alrite, then hopped on one with 20K and it was a massive improvement.
  8. lets face it , if you are going to rebore, rering , you are prob looking at bottom end work as well , so rod kit, the costs are huge

    keep an eye around long enough and an engine will pop up for $500 or so and a whole bike comes along every now and then at the right price

    have ridden low kays and high kays, no real difference

    VFR's of the bigger variety are know to last just about forever and the smaller versions are built tough as well and at 50 odd HP they arent all that stressed , good oil and service and they will last a long time

    a CB400 is a completely different bag of fish
  9. Thanks for the replies people.
    I'm just testing the water, and seeing whats about in the market place.
    The example I was looking at had 70K on it, and apart from some small cracks on the left fairing, ( I suspect fallen off stand ), it appeared to be in pretty good nick. Have not had the time, nor the cash to go for test rides etc yet. Just seeing whats about, and getting a feel for the market at the moment.
    As I'm about 5'8" or so, and 70KG, I don't really need a big bike, so I thought something of this size would do me alright.
    Thanks again for the replies.
  10. A used engine will be adequate for a roadbike.

    The invoices for a reco on my race RVF motor were over $3.5k. This was at a reputable V4 tuner/builder (i.e. had all parts in stock). That's using the original pistons and rods...

    @box34d: 70k km's is nothing to worry about on these motors. Get one, you won't be disappointed.
  11. hi guys.
    ive been looking around for RVF's lately too.
    someone said that if you rebuild the top end yourself you will save money.
    how hard is it to rebuild the top end?
    too hard for noobies, or is it worth a crack?

  12. If you have no mechanical knowledge, your probably better off not learning on a v4.

    Buying an engine is much cheaper. On a side note, see if the vfr400 donk will fit in, a few more ponies and probably cheaper too. Thats only if the engine is in shocking condition however.
  13. My VFR 400R now has 80,000kms on the clock & is still running as strong as ever. I would have no hesitation to jump on it and ride anywhere in OZ on it tomorrow. And it has copped an absolute flogging -trust me on that :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Maybe cheaper, but no, they don't make more power (only on paper).

    Roarin' thought you'd be over the 100K mark by now, what, the sun hasn't been out!? :LOL:
  15. Isn't the power difference due to smaller carbs on the RVF?
  16. dunno. id like to find out though.
    if the carbies are what are choking the extra ponies from the RVF id like to find out if you can whack VFR carbies in.

    anyone know?

  17. Not that at all -just been real busy and have been hooning around a bit more on the KTM of late :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. You can, but have a look at dyno curves and you'll see there's no point. The RVFs consistently push out 62-64 ponies at the wheel, with nothing but a can...they run very rich with the stock exhaust.

    Roarin' :LOL: Hooning? God forbid :p ...but funny you should say that mate, I have a 'tard on the wishlist too....still just dreaming, but imagining something like an older 520EXC would be a treat on very tight roads.

  19. how much extra do you think you could squeeze out though?
    not that i would unless it was worth it, but when you get off your L's and P's its good to have enough power to match the slower 600's with.
  20. Forget it, these bikes aren't about power.