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Rvf400 complied and registered as vfr....?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by something_wild, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, just took ownership of an immaculate RVF400 (pics and details in 'my new ride' sec) and It's come to my attention that it was complied and is In-turn registered as vfr400.
    Now this is a prob for me as on paper, It's officially not a LAMS bike, even though by the vin and engine no. it definitely is a genuine rvf....which IS a LAMS bike. Somewhere in the compliance process (many years ago I imagine as the importer, nsr imports, are no longer in business) some noob has mistakenly put it as a vfr.

    Anyone able to point me in the right direction as to how to rectify this mix up as this is causing me some degree of concern and frustration....I mean it is a legal LAMS bike by law, but my particular one officially isn't, and I would rather avoid any hastles that might arise with the boys in blue/insurance/tac etc..

    Thanks in advance, sw
  2. This should be interesting :popcorn:
  3. My guess is that you would have to recomply it. As a rvf this time.

    But it's a guess.
  4. Essentially, your bike just dropped $5000 in value.
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  5. sounds like you have the opposite problem to me (my vfr is registered as LAMS)

    I think perhaps just talk to your friendly and local RTA?
  6. Surely I can't be the first person this has happened too??

    I really want to avoid all the vicroads red tape bs (well as much as I possibly can), so anyone with even the slightest bit of experience with something like this, feel free to point me down the right track.
    I'll be forever grateful :)
  7. My RG250 was registered as an RGV250 in NSW. It's since run out of rego, so I should be sweet when I go to get it rego'd :)
  8. So given that RVFs go for $6K+, you can find me a NC30 for $1K flat? Please do...
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  9. can you find me RVFs that go for 6k? In half decent condition at that. Please do... :)

    And when you do I can find you several at 9 or 10k.
  10. When I had a rego inspection for a VT Commodore done, the mechanic got the month wrong. Took me an hour to sort that out, they really didn't want to fix it in the system. That was with the car there and through ACT rego (all up very easy to deal with and all seem to love cars and bikes). Good luck with Vic Roads.
  11. Is it an import and if so, was it complied as an rgv?
    If It's Aus delivered, then it'd be easier to rectify than mine....
  12. Your only chance is Nevdis that is the database in Canberra that all RTA and Vicroads use, need pictures and stat forms to correctly change over can be done however be patient any probs get in contact with me to point you to the right sources
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  13. I can and have. Where's that $1K N30 you owe me?

  14. Thanks very much! I will chat to vicroads and if i seem to be head-butting the wall with them ](*,), I'll pm you for some advice.

    And to settle the little argument TheYak and Lilley have going, my particular bike was not much over $6k and is one of the better ones out there (check the pics), and regardless of my current situation, it is worth every cent...if not more. So the fact that they 'can' be had for around $6k, but 'most' are above $8k means you are both correct to a certain degree.(y)
  15. Compliance plate says RG250
  16. You might go in and phrase the question as: "I noticed a typo on my paperwork that says my bike is a 'VFR', when it's actually an RVF, see? I'm not sure if it would ever actually matter, but would you please correct it for me just to be sure?"

    Don't mention anything more than that, and the desk types might make the change.
  17. Good idea, do this