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RVF vs P plater

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Quo Vadas, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Well, it appear that I have set myelf a personal record in having only owned a new bike for 6 days. I only posted my "New addition to the stable" last week and now I am posting this.................booooooo.
    I was riding home last night from a friends house when a guy who has had his licence for only 3 months decides to just turn in front of me to go into a side street...............wack!!

    I had just been waiting at a set of boom gates, waiting for a train to pass. Gates go up (I am first in line with cars behind me) so I start riding over the tracks and up the road and doing about 40kph. I see a car coming to a stop in the other lane with his indicator to turn right into the side street. All of a sudden as I get closer he just plants his foot and turns right in front of me. I try to pull an emergency stop but it's too late - I wack into his car and come off sliding momentarily down the road. I get up and make sure I'm alright - checking that nothing is broken and that my shoulder that I had surgery on in March is still in one peice - all is good thank f&%K.
    I look over at the young male driver who is now standing out of his car just looking at me blankly and all I can hear him say is, "it's my fault, i didn't seee you, it's my fault.............." to which I shout back with the most appropriate answer.
    Ask him for help to pick up my bike and move it and he looks completely in shock and can't do much. Bike is moved off the road and he pulls into a side street. An ambo was a few cars back and they pull in to make sure everyone is alright. They call the cops, cops come and do the normal routine crash report etc.

    So my new RVF400 is looking a bit worse for wear at this stage but I don't think the damge is too bad as I hit the front LH side of his car without the full force of the front wheel (at least what I can remember). I think the damage is only cosmetic but I guess I'll find out once the insurance company do their thing with it.

    Woke up today with a bit of a sore head from when my head hit the ground and a bit of bruising to my hip and elbow. Was wearing full gear so felt well protected.

    I'm just pissed about the trashing the bike and the whole incident in general. At least I'm alright but I just feel a bit gutted..........:(
  2. Sorry to hear about your ordeal bro. I guess this happened after you and you're mate on the black bike said bye to us and peeled off?

    Still damn that's frustrating to happen and the fact you have to go thru all the shambles of the insurance and what not. But hey at least you are insured.
  3. **** me sideways...get that bike repaired, those 400 sporties are way too awesome a bike to ditch.

    What'd ya say to the smidsy?
  4. Buggggggger! What a basterd thing to happen. Best wishes on mending up quick.

    Ok, the tuff luv question - the turning right collision was absolutely on the cards from the moment you noted his indicator. What will you do different next time?

  5. Hi Rob. I understand what you are saying but in all honesty he pulled out when I was about 2 metres away from him so I don't think that anything I could have done would have stopped the collision. I did manage to countersteer away from hitting the front quarter panel and only hit part of the front bumper. I guess I could be more diligent and slow down even further ands even move slightly left to give me more room.

    Also forget to make mention that the incident happened just doors down from a Telstra store where there was a large number of people lining up for there Iphones. Not a single person came to my aid or spoke to me when I brought the bike to the sidewalk. Rather dissapointed in those humans.[-(
  6. Well at least he admitted it was his fault and didn't drive off...
  7. Mate yer asking a lot to get them to ignore their precious iPhones to help a motorcycle rider on a 15 year old bike. If you had a nice sparkling Ducati near a Cafe they might have paused....don't be too harsh on them.

    I love my RVF. I am scared that getting a bigger bike will result in way more power, but at the cost of it handling like a barge relative to the RVF. The answer must be RSV4!

    I hope you get it sorted, the bike is fantastic.

  8. Unlucky mate, on my first netrider ride with my RVF (only had it 12 hours - with fresh paint job and spanking tyga kit) Which the lights aren't very good on the kit we did a ride up to the dandenongs where I took a corner a bit fast and it tightened up on me mid corner and i rode the bloody thing off a cliff... took quite a few of us to get it back up from the mountain and all in the pitch black and wet.. there a few on here that can attest to that having been there.

    It will be fine, plus scratches give it character! ;)
  9. Sympathy for your fellow human or shiny thing... you're surprised?
  10. Ow, shit! Bad news, Mate. Glad to hear your OK. Pity about the bike. 6 days! I hope his insurance company come to the party quickly. How's your helmet? Did it hit the road?
    At least you've got another bike for the meantime, but will you need to wait for replacement gear?
  11. So what actions were you taking when you first spotted the stopped car with indicator on about to turn across your path??

    You're getting close.
  12. Being a noob, this scares the hell out of me. I always try to create some form of movement, even if it's furiously moving my head from one angle to the other, flapping my arms like a chicken, and moving from one track to the other and back and back again. More so since watching the video from the Best Riding Tips thread.


    It's amazing how wide my actual field of vision is when it comes to detecting movement, when I do the test as per that video. I figure it works in the reverse as well. I can use movement to catch the eye of other drivers as well as use it to spot hazards myself.

    Other than that, I would slow up big time when seeing the car and position myself as far as possible from him to give myself more reaction time in case the unexpected still happened as well. What else could he have done Rob? I'm interested to know too.
  13. Tough break mate, hope it all gets sorted out well. All those people wanting crapple iPhoneys... with their taste in phones id rather they didnt come near me :p.

    Pics? :D
  14. what a biatch, it's my worst nightmare.

    What I do is an exaggerated buffer if i'm in any doubt. They tend to notice you a bit more if you sweep sideways in your lane.

    hope the bike gets better
  15. No :p I don't do it too enthusiastically. Just enough so there's some movement. Kinda like when you flap to make sure you're not too tense, unless of course they look like they're thinking about coming in front of me, then the arms might get crazy :p
  16. Well, speaking for myself, I would generally prepare to fire the Twatcannon :D.
  17. sorry to hear, just unlucky... but lucky you were'nt going faster at the time... and lucky had full gear on at the time.. and lucky you could walk away from it.
    it's happenned to me before too... and it will probably happen again.
    you do everything you can do, but theres always the chance someone will just drive straight into you anyway.
    i would'nt be surprised if a car just fell out of the sky and landed on me one day... nothing they do surpises me anymore.

    scratches do look good on a race bike too, as cOrrupt mentioned, looks like a bike that gets used.
  18. Checking the bike out on Monday at my mates repair shop. The real pain is that because the front part of the bike is smashed I'm going to have to get a new kit from Tyga shipped over. Gonna do the figures and see if it's viable to do and will also see of the triple clamp and other head parts are alright (hopefully the frame isn't bent although I don't think at that speed I hit the car it would bend).
  19. My sympathies on this one mate, almost had it happen to me a few times when I was riding the Aprilia RS125 - one lady even looked straight at me as she pulled out in front of me... then locked on the brakes in the middle of my lane! FUUUUUDGE! Ended up about a foot from her drivers side door, very angry. Anyway, hope the insurance pays up quick and that you can continue about enjoying your new ride.

    I've gone from RS125, to CBR250R, to GSX-1100 and I actually like the handling of 'the barge'. It tips in, it goes where you want... you just need to muscle it a bit. The best bit is that you've got a huge amount of power and torque on tap from pretty much anywhere in the rev range, so you can really blast outta corners. I wouldn't worry about upgrading from a 400 to a 600/1000, you'll be fine.

    Cheers - boingk
  20. That's the thing boingk. She wasn't looking straight at you. She was looking past you. Into the background beyond you. Subsequently, you are "invisible" to her.

    Assume that all the time because it is the case, most of the time. Only a wheel track change or similar movement is likely to bring you into focus in the " foreground".

    You probably are already well aware of that boingk. Just stating it out loud for the benefit of others who may not realize what's happening and why, in alot of similar situations, mate.