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RVF Reliability

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by patty96, Nov 20, 2014.

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    First post so don't Flame me to hard.
    I'm looking to upgrade from my near dead 92ZZ-R and have had my eye on a F400 for a while and am looking for some advice as to the reliability of the machines, as well as wether they're valid for the highway as i do head from sydney to newcastle 3 times a month.
    i had been thinking of a motard as i love dirtbikes but i fear the range may not be enough.
    Thanks guys!!!!


  2. I don't know what you are talking about.

    a RVF400 honda? The v4 thing? If so, they are getting a bit long in the tooth these days.
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  3. A good, low km RVF400 will be hard to find, but such an example should be very reliable. They are robust little machines, easily cruising well above the 110km/h freeway speeds. The bigger concern is how comfortable you will be on one for extended freeway legs.
  4. so far its between an rvf and a big supertard, i am massively unsure of the legitimacy of sumoto where id planned on getting the honda so im dialling back until i can go down and have a look and make sure the export papers match the kms.
  5. Lol they bodgy the kms before shipment as well.

    A sumo will be a better bet. Like a drz
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    Hey Patty, noticed you just started following me. I don't work at Sumoto anymore but have you checked out the Q+A thread I did last year? It's the first thing that comes up when you Google Sumoto haha.

    You can find it here
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't sumoto very dodgey
  8. jaguarfansterjaguarfanster
    whats the purchase process down there from memory?
    would i be able to go down sift through the bikes so i ended up with a year and engine that sounds nice?
    or is it the whole what colour would you like it in?
    just because of their online reputation im now hoping to go down and check all the numbers and have a listen to a bike before i cop out 8990 on my l plates.
    again sorry for all the noob/squid questions and thanks for bearing with me
  9. If that's how much you're willing to shell out (8990) may I suggest the majority of bike stores will suit your budget, most with better on line reps
  10. yeah but do they have lams v4s in red?
    my dilema.......
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    Yeah that used to be rep. They're doing pretty good now actually; as in sales. When I was there we moved to a brand new shop on Sydney Road in front of Harley city. Really cool place.

    Unfortunately Patty there was no sifting at all.

    I'd be lucky to have an RVF400 in the floor for display once every 2 months; and only for a week before a customer picked it up.

    They were all purchased on a waiting list and people would generally put down deposits about 8 weeks prior to pickup. So that's why it was kinda hard to have anything on display, or, have you 'sift through stock'.

    I understand why you want to do all the checks. I'd probably ask for the same in your position. 9 grand is a bit of money haha.

    As I mentioned in the thread the old Japanese bikes like the RVF come through OTOBAI. They're part of the Australian Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) and they're audited regularly by the government. So they are regulated, and if they produce dodgy stock they'd lose their licence; and they've been around for almost 20 years now.

    I think the best thing for you to do is give the shop a call. Ask for Conner (03 9383 3311 ), tell him Des sent you from Netrider (you'd probably get a gear discount haha). I'd suggest ask maybe if you can see the bike when it arrives, because of your concerns. And if you're not satisfied if you can walk away from the sale. I mean for legit reasons like, it's not roadworthy, leaking, engine making odd sounds etc. These are 20 year old bikes so bear in mind they're not brand new. We used to have people come in from Netrider complaining about scuff marks near the swingarm....Just want to be clear haha.

    Anyway give 'em a call. Can't believe I'm doing this; I'm not even getting paid. Send some gear up to me in Sydney if you end up buying and riding ;).

    Also I just noticed this was your first post.

    Welcome. But please introduce yourself in the welcome section first ;)

    That might be true. Although I'm sure you can find dirt on every store if you dig hard enough. It's only disgruntled customers that leave feedback :).

    Although if OP wants an RVF, from memory Sumoto (my old shop for those reading) is the only place where you can get one. Or you could save maybe a thousand or so and get one from bikesales private sale; but then again that's probably a Sumoto bike too haha. And there's really no new LAMS bike that replaces the RVF. I.e. single-sided swingarm, 400cc V4 engine, dual Nissin front brakes. They're freaking crazy.

    But $8,990 can buy you a really mint, clapped out Vespa, from a reputable scooter dealer in the city! Hahah OK that was a little tongue-in-cheek.
  12. All done now
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    thanks guys for the input!!!!
    Ive decided il take the risk on sumoto unless my mate wants to get rid of his smr 511 before i get to it!!!!!
    Companys can change its just that the amount and variety of things i heard warranted a second opinion, as an 18 year old trying to buy a bike il be on for the next 3 years i dont wanna shell out money im battling for and have it roll over within those 3 years
    i figure when i get it that basic things to do straight away would be:
    full service
    front fork seals
    fuel system clean
    head bearings
    swing arm bearings
    i know that some of theres may be unneeded but i figure that small money now is better then big money later? anything else to do please add

    also besides that ###damn tyga place would anyone know where to find parts for one?
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  14. WTF would you want to spend $9K on a 20 year old LAMS bike, when you can get a brand new Yamaha Mt-07 for the same price?
  15. because all the yamis Ive owned have let me down
  16. lol, if reliability is what you are after, the Honda CBR500R <$8K ride away.

    Don't get me wrong, I actually have the bigger VFR 750 on my list of bikes I want, and would also love a RVF/VFR 400 to play with. But consider this, you can get a VFR750 for around $3K. So why would you pay $9K for a RVF400? Test ride the MT-07.
  17. $9k! That's nut's. If it's in really good condition, then it's an excellent 400cc bike and that makes it work about $4k, tops.
  18. I think it's nuts too. But there's continued demand for them.
  19. It's the crazy way economics works man.

    What's an old learners bike to you, could be a collector's item to someone else.

    Or in a market where's there's really no other 4-cylinder, greater than 250cc options; that's what happens.
  20. Congratulations haha.

    As I said I don't work there anymore. But as an ex-employee, and old sumoto bike owner too, I'm sure you'll be fine.