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  1. Just after a bit more information on the RVF-400, as compared to say a CBR-250-RR (my previous bike)
    Anyones personal experience on this particular machine, pros, cons, etc...

    Eventually I will have my money back from my accident, and im just starting to look around at what else is out there.

    I enjoyed my time on the CBR, would be nice to try another bike (say a 250-400?) before I upgrade to my full license (november this year)

    Any other suggestions?
  2. Japanese 400s do seem a nice balance between performance and running cost - unfortunately RVFs seem even more ridiculously overpriced than grey import CBRs. Probably because they seem to have picked up the tag of being the "fastest" LAMs bike available (of course whether or not that's actually true is debatable). Other 400s like the GSXR400, Bandit 400, FZR400, CB400 and ZXR400 seem to be much cheaper (around half the price) and may make a much better option. In many cases the 400 and 250 cc versions of a bike are essentially the same so parts shouldn't be an issue - though that's definately something to check first.
  3. Its true that LAMS sports bikes like the rvf400 and cbr250s are overpriced but if looked after they hold their value......so hopefully you don't lose too much when trading in.

    I've ridden my friend's rvf briefly and thought it to be awesome! suspension and power much better than the cbr250.

    Also like the single sided swingarm!.....which ALL bikes should have :grin:
  4. Unless something goes wrong with it ;).
  5. The RVF does seem highly priced, as with most CBR250's around.
    I got a pretty good deal with my CBR, sadly tho its been sent to the gave yard.

    I guess one thing is to get out there and see if I can take one for a test ride.
  6. I have no hesitation in saying that rvf400's are a bulletproof bike. The only problem that I know of is sometimes their charging system can fail, usually the reg/rect. Spare parts are plentiful, and they go well.

    I've had 3 vfr400's, similar bike, most of the changes were cosmetic, but the rvf also gained a 17" rear wheel, which makes for a more plentiful choice of rubber.

    This site has all you'll need to know about them:

    I'd have one in an instant if the garage wasn't so full.

    Fantastic bike, get a test ride on one.
  7. Thanks for the site, will have to check it out.

    Yeah, I best get off my arse and go out and take one for a test ride.