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rvf 400 vs fzr 400 vs vfr 400 LAMS?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AussieAlex, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I was just doing some research on nice LAMS bikes. And im abit confused as its common knowledge now that the sexy RVF 400 is lams but the vfr isnt. I look at the dry weight of both and they seem pretty much the same, and both around the 44kw 59 bhp mark. Why is there that discrepancy? And was wondering if the FZR was illegal as well?

    This is for ACT ie 150 kw per tonne, on the list they add 68 kgs for bikes over 250, (fzr weighs app 180)

    cheers for any advice to clear this up...


  2. You are dealing with RTA (or whoever). Don't try to think for yourself or apply logic with these government creatures. Call and ask, they may have an updated list.
  3. When power figures for those bikes came from the manufacturers originally, the RVF's figures were not provided accurately, and it meant the bike was classified as a LAM.

    Make sure of this before you go buying the thing, but I know in NSW the VFR/FZR are not LAMs. The RVF400 is... and gosh it's a quick, great handling little bike, too :) that's why they cost a bomb :arrow: fastest learner bike around, still, I think.
  4. not anymore, rta updated the list in november i think. however, you could probably get around that.
  5. In the ACT, TAMS relies on the public to submit bikes that are learner legal under the calculations, that is they don't do their own research. Do your own research, if the calcs add up using the ACT formula, fill out one off the application forms and presto, if they can verify where your numbers came from (web addresses), it will be included on the list and then learner legal.

    Things of interest on the list, if you look hard enough, is the 88 gsx600f has been included using the european restricted version specs and there is an 89 gpx250r with an engine capacity if 592cc. Just goes to show they don't look at their applications too hard.
  6. Doing the sums they all won't get on the ACT list.

    44kw/(68+182) = 176kw per tonne.

    The ACT is not LAMS, it has it's own learner rules that have some good points (not restricted to 660cc) but also has some bad things (only getting a 68kg rider allowance). The smaller rider allowance is why they won't be learner legal if you have an ACT licence.
  7. Understatement.
  8. not for me tbh, i think il prob wait for fulls then try and pick up a vfr400 - only a few months to wait. atm, a madass 125 is looking particularly attractive.