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RVF 400 Track Bike

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Trauts, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. RVF 400 Track Bike [SOLD]


    HI all, im posting this here rather than the classifieds section for obvious reasons.

    With the arrival of my second son its time to sell the track bike.
    1996 Honda rvf400
    *Fully prepped and compliant for racing
    *hrc ram air tray,fuel tap and rear ride height shims
    *braided lines front and rear
    *new adjustable rear-sets
    *front and rear suspension re-sprung and re-valved
    *new battery,brake pads,chain and sprockets(520 pitch)
    *new racetune full exhaust system
    *spare levers,pegs,bars,gearing and chain and full exhaust
    *front & rear stand included.
    *many thousands spent.
    *comes with approx 4 litres of motul 8000
    * Tyres probably good for another track day.

    This bike is brilliant to ride and ride quickly with perfect reliability for racing or tracking(meets stock class for 400's and is highly competitive).
    Is capable of 1:45 around Eastern ck, although best i could achieve was 1:48.
    Has a compliance plate so could be re-registered if all road gear was obtained.

    Im asking $4000 for the lot.

    Also including are Tyre warmers (single temp, non-digital);

    Inspections welcome. Bike is located in North Balgowlah

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  2. Jebus thats tidy! Good luck with the sale...

    Out of interest, what gearing have you got on it? Looks similar the rear sprocket I upraged on mine
  3. thanks :)
    yea it flies for a 400.
    Not sure what its running to be honest. its had the 520 conversion done if thats a help at all.
  4. Bike is still for sale.
    Price drop to $4000 including warmers (not selling separately).
    No longer selling leathers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.