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rvf 400- so hard to find am i looking at the right places?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by my03, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. hey guys, im really after one of these, however, everyone i see is at rip off price, but it seems i have stumbled across some bargins which have already been sold ages ago from just googling "rvf 400 for sale"

    anyway, i just want to know if you guys have any tips on how to find one? ive looked at tradingpost, bike point, bike sales, this forums, two wheels, cbr forums, but none, so im just wondering, is there any other forums, or a 400 class race website or forum i can ask around?

    or even better, do you know any mates that have one and are going to sell?

    is it possible to buy straight from a importer and not have to go through the rip off of dealers? i dont know about bikes, but with cars u can usually buy straight from a imported that orginises compliance etc etc.

    any ideas?

  2. they do seem as scarce as hens teeth, and for that reason very pricey. as for buying from an importer you're referring to how a few years ago 'everyone' was importing skylines/silvia's/soarer's etc for a fantastic price straight from auctions in japan, i had a mate get a skyline doing that, it seems the government has closer those loopholes. i never saw any of those companies importing bikes which is a pity, judging by the price they got cars in for i imagine an as new 1998 fireblade would of been $4,000 after shipping/compliance :shock:

    anyway good luck in the search
  3. Re: rvf 400- so hard to find am i looking at the right place

    what about a vfr 400? a few more of those around plus its cheaper for basically the same bike (as far as i know) but older.
  4. Re: rvf 400- so hard to find am i looking at the right place

    i was lookin for an bargain rvf400 for a while until i gave up. the cheapest i found one for was about 9 grand. bike biz in parramatta had a few when i was lookin but then u dont always get the best price at a dealer.
  5. Have you asked RB Imports in Taren Point???

    They're heavily into the grey market bikes, might be worth a try. Even if they don't have one, they might know someone who does.
  6. RVF's are so expensive becasue they are LAMS approved bikes. VFR's on the other hand are not (they make about 3-4 more hp which puts them over the 150kw per ton limit).

    $8-9000 is what you pay for a good one.
  7. And if you do, you need to have your head read.

    I'd advise the OP to give up on the idea... 400's were overpriced even before the advent of LAMS in NSW pushed them into silly-money territory (that, if anything, had always been the case. In the early 90's, in the UK, the VFR400 sold new for same money as the ZXR750). Grit teeth and put up with a GPX250 for a year and a bit. Tens of thousands of people have done that over the years, and, to my knowledge, none of them have had their nobs drop off...
  8. They were overpriced because they were so rare. Very few were imported due to almost zero demand. What this did was make the few that were here worth heaps to anyone who wanted one. Now there are many more imported but lots of people want one. My best mate bought one a few years back, paid $9k for it sold it about 12 months later for $8500. Id say thats a pretty good outcome if you ask me. So long as you keep an RVF in good nick you wont drop a lot of money on one.
  9. god dammit i should of bought that one for 7500 :(

    so are there actually importers like the guys that import skylines etc?

    do you think it would work out cheaper to import one directly?
  10. No, you shouldn't have.

    The sports 400s were never officially imported, so all the ones which exist here are imported in pretty much the same manner as the Skylines you see about the place.

    No, it wouldn't, for any number of reasons.

    Is this going to be your first bike? If so, then, to reiterate, buy something cheap, simple and common. If not, then just buy one of the seven-years-newer 600s which go for a grand less than RVF400's. The 400 experience isn't that unique.
  11. Ranging in price from $8,500 to $10,750; you can buy a GSX-R1000 for that sort of money.

    400s are upwards of 10 years old; 10-year-old small-capacity bikes are worth a couple of grand. Pay more than that for one and you're a chump.
  12. sigh, the rvf dream will probally never be lived.

    why shouldnt i of bought the 7.5k one ik? is the price still too high? well the orginal plan was to buy a bike to commute on, but i wanted a bike i could hang on to for longer that all, but i might just buy a cheap cbr250 and learn on that and in two years time i'll get a cbr600rr

    so u guys rekon the rvf is not worth it?
  13. Not now, anyway.

    When four-stroke 250 greys like the ZXR, CBR and FZR250 first appeared in the late 90's, the prices on them were similarly stupid. As time went on, and their numbers grew, and people willing to part with their bikes from peanuts changed perceptions of what such bikes are worth, the prices slowly climbed down from the stratosphere.

    That will turn out to be the case with the 400's as well, so you can look forward to having one as a second bike sometime around 2007.

    To put that into some perspective... if I was selling my 2001-model ZX-6R and someone walked up and offered me $7500 for it, I'd break out a boom box and a big piece of cardboard and start breaking.

    Keep in mind all these 2005-model RVF are actually manufactured before 1996 or so...

    That plan would evaporate the first time a mate let you sneak a naughty spin on his 600; regardless of whether your bike was a BabyBlade or an RVF400, you'd come back wanting to set fire to it so you could buy something bigger with the insurance payout.
  14. Aaah IK, You seem quite the expert on 2nd hand bike prices & what people should pay for them. Could you please find an RC30 or maybe an RC45 for me? They're just an old V four Honda now aren't they? Shouldn't be worth much at all. Let me know when you find a good one at your price so I can buy it. Thanks in advance.
  15. well with the prices of babyblades these days, some have been going out for 3grand or so, i mihgt just go for one to have some fun with.

    is the cbr250rr really the best performing out of all the 250 4 strokes?? is there any bike that handles, brakes, and accelerates better?
  16. All the 4 cylinder 250cc 4 strokes are close enough to each other than the rider is going to make ALOT more of a difference than the bike. Buy any of them CBR/FZR/ZXR and learn to ride it well. That said, buy any 250 and learn to ride it well... save your money for later on once you've dropped your 250 a couple of times and learnt from it - then go buy the biggest, latest & greatest RRRRRRR-RR-RRR machine your money will buy.

    If your seriously looking for a 'performance' 250, then i suggest going over to camp RS250 or camp RGV250 for a little whiff of the 2 stroke fumes.
  17. hey koma, yeah 2 strokes are awesome, even the nsr 250would be good, but unfortunatley they arent learner legal in nsw :(
  18. IK, do you understand basic economic principles? You know that whole supply and demand thing? Lots of people want RVF's + not many available = high prices. My03 doesnt want a GSXR1000, he wants an RVF400. If he buys one he doesnt need his head read.

    My03, dont listen to IK. Hes a know it all who loves to rub people the wrong way. He does nothing on this forum but troll , so dont listen to him.

    If you want an RVF, buy one. They are good fun bikes and will keep you happy till you're ready to upgrade. As long as you keep the bike in good nick you will offload it later at only a small loss (about the same as any other bike).