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Rvf 400 - awesome looking bike

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by JayC, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. I have a new bike and sadly my baby is now for sale

    This bike is the Ultimate LAMS bike absolutely brilliant to ride and so much fun. Perfect for a 1st or 2nd bike

    Handles like its on rail and so easy to ride. Is mechanical very strong and has never missed a beat while I have had it

    Always garaged and cleaned every week I'm fussy and always check to make sure every thing is in perfect condition

    Has been painted in CBR colours and is very striking

    It has just had the carby cleaned and tuned and coolant replaced
    New spark plugs
    New head stem bearings
    New Sportsmart tyres less than 1000 km's
    Blue tinted screen
    Blue levers, bar ends, pre-load adjusters and value caps
    Black tear sets
    Carbon fibre exhaust
    Oxford heated grips - fantastic in winter
    62123 kms

    Serviced every 5000 km's the chain is lubed regularly

    Rego til Jan 2013 is in road worth condition which is included

    Special Netrider price $5980.00 advertised elsewhere for more

    Buyer will not be disappointed
    Located south eastern suburbs
    Any questions please text or call 0413 651 335

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  2. Lots of new photos now available to email to any one who's interested

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  3. Just bought one of these as my 2nd LAMS bike while I wait for my restrictions to end.

    These are fantastic little bikes, and super quick. Highly recommend
  4. Still not sold huh... tough market out there it seems. How many silly offers have you had?
  5. Thanks for your comment
    They are an amazing bike
  6. Still not sold people just don't realize what they're missing out on
  7. I have just read the last issue of AMCN 15-28 Feb 2012. There is a great article about the RVF 400 which praises these bikes well worth a read if you are interested in getting an RVF.
    It talks about how brilliant these bikes are to ride and handle
    It talks about how bullet proof these V4 engines are
    It talks about how the performance is close to the 600, and says these are a true sports bike easier to ride than 250's,
    This is so true my first bike was a CBR250 R, one day I rode my husbands and was amazed at how easy it was too ride, yes, it was bigger and heavier but so easy and handled great, that's why I had to go and get one
    My bike may have done 62,000 kms but it only had 37000 on it when I got it so that shows how much I ride and it is serviced every 5000 kms which is what's recommended in this article
    These engines are bullet proof my mechanic has worked on one that had done 100,000 kms and still didn't need a rebuild
    I honestly believe that more people need to consider the RVF 400 as there 1st bike as it says at the end of the article they provide an ideal opportunity for skill building without the risks associated with big bore crotch rockets in inexperienced hands.

    They do also mention the VFR but these are not LAMS approved

    $5,800 neg still will RWC
  9. Damn, that is tempting. I really really want to do it. Just can't. Have you tried ebay? You should get this much at least.
  10. I have tried eBay it's on there at the moment, in fact it's the cheapest one there
    Who ever buys this bike will be getting a bargain
  11. Hi everyone

    This beautiful bike has just been sitting around for the last few months and needs to be ridden
    So I have decided that if someone is interested I will part with it for
    $5200.00 WITHOUT RWC or
    $5600,00 WITH RWC and it doesn't need much for a RWC
  12. Good price!

    Someone buy it, soooooo much better than any other lams sports bike
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