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Ruts on Reefton - Crash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Compliance, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Watch out for some of the ruts on Reefton. Got Caught out on Monday by a fairly significant lip near the center of the road. The log trucks cause them by pushing the bitumen out which form little wave like rips in the road.

    Walked away, riding the next day.

  2. Ow. Good to see you're OK. Yes, those ripples can be an issue, especially since they often occur on bends.
  3. Berrllooddy hell. Didn't look like much on the video but it sure knocked to bike for a loop. Thanks for the warning and glad you're ok.
  4. The shadows from the trees didn't make it easy to see.
  5. The Imlay Rd is similar but worse I hear.
  6. Any pics of the ruts, must have been epic! I've hit quite a few in my time and have never had the bike knocked about like that!
  7. Wow man......looks like quite a tumble.....glad you're okay.....how's the bike?
  8. Going back up to take pictures. See if I can get a no fault, or maybe compo from vic roads.
  9. interested to see the pics/exact location.

    will be interesting to see if you get anything from Vicroads..
  10. Is it under the jurisdiction of any particular council down there...??

    I'd be making sure they know about it........have heard of successful claims being made against councils in NSW so.. might be worth a try....
  11. This post wasn't really a "road hazard" post, it was more of a, check out this smash video post. Meh.
  12. Some really bad ones around Pakenham, Gembrook etc as well. Not something you want to be crossing over around a corner at speed.