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Ruthie’s lowside last night *sniffles* :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Peaches, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Morning all. Shared this story with the SR crew but I thought to share it here too as I know a number of NRs :(

    Ruthie had a lowside last night coming through a blind 35km/h bender. It was bloody cold, wet and slippery so I was not pushing Peaches at all. I was probably doing 30 km/h as I was entering the left bender, and as usual, accelerated once I was out of the corner.

    Bike was starting to straighten up when all of a sudden she started revving really hard and I thought “Eh??? What’s this???â€. :-s I then proceeded to see the road coming towards me sideways and thought “How very odd…â€. :shock:

    Next thing I know Peaches was sliding on the road with me pinned underneath her. Hit my helmet too All the while I’m thinking “Oh no!!!! Peaches Peaches Peaches!!!†:cry: :cry: :cry:

    For some odd reason – maybe it was because my left leg was wedged under the bike – I couldn’t get out from underneath her. Cue Mr Luke Lifesaver (mid77) who was riding behind me. He quickly parked his Dakar, picked Peaches off me and got me off the road. Champion!!!! :beer:

    Robbo, Railtracks, Rowan and Tara came back to the crime scene when they realised two riders were missing, and all of them were champions for helping me back on the bike! Found out the culprit was a big patch of oil in my line :evil:

    Sigh. I hate oil.

    Damage isn’t too bad although I’m sore as. Left wrist and thigh in particular are very tender, knees are bruised, and I’ve got some gravel rash on my left knee – wtf? I thought draggins were meant to stop that?????

    Peaches on the other hand…. *cries* :( ….. she’s got a small crack to her left fairing and her left handlebar is scratched. Luke said sparks flew when I slid across the tar… my poor, poor bike….

    As mentioned in SR, I like to learn from my mistakes, so if you guys can help me out that would be great. Any input is much appreciated! I tried to analyse how I could have avoided what happened last night and I still can’t figure it out…

    1. how do I avoid oil patches if I’m in a corner?
    2. the wet and rain probably didn’t help when it came to sighting the oil, but if it was dry was there anything I could do to avoid a crash?
    3. could I have avoided the lowside in general? If so, how?
    4. is there anyway to correct the bike when you feel that it’s starting to slide?

    Thank you once again to all the SR/NR crew who came back for me. I owe everyone chais on Monday! :beer:


    on a happier note.... Yay!!! Helmet shopping :dance:
  2. The below is my best guess*. I haven't been in a situation like yours so far.

    1. Try keeping the bike more upright and don't change the throttle, keep it constant. Perhaps taking a wider line than usual, avoiding the off camber side of the corner might help avoiding oil.
    2. Do not fixate on the spill once sighted, move your eyes to where you want to go.
    3. Not sure, sorry.
    4. I've had a few rear slides, I just give it a quick blip on the throttle to stand the bike up a bit more. Also, I use my legs/thighs to shift my weight opposite to the slide.

    * Happy to be corrected :wink:
  3. But more to the point, HOW IS THE PINK PIG?????

    Sorry to hear, Ruthie, it's a bummer when your pride and joy goes down the road, especially when it isn't your fault :(

    Avoiding oil patches is like picking LOTTO; unless they are really obvious, you're not going to see them or be able to do anything about them. Sometimes you DO see a glint of colour if the road is wet as well, but in the dark, you're pretty-much snookered. We live with the constant hazard of spilled diesel on Macquarie Pass so I know how it feels.

    Now, UNDER your Draggins, at all times, dear lady, you will wear a pair of long-johns/gym tights/whatevers. Draggins protect you from the abrasion of the road, but you need to protect yourself from the abrasion of the kevlar panels on the inside of the pants.

    here endeth the lesson....
  4. Hire a team of ninjas to stake out every servo in the country and beat to death every soccer mum overfilling their diesel soft-roader - as well as tracking down every truck with a leaking fuel tank.
  5. Let someone else go first :grin:
  6. Bad Luck
    Good to hear you and peaches will live to ride another day, albeit a little sore.

    As you said, very hard to spot oil on a wet road.
    Anyhoo get back on there with your new helmet and have fun.
    :wink: Cheers
  7. thats bad luck..it was an awful night last night in sydney...i was watching the rain thinking that it would be a tough ride out there.
    i don't have any proper advice for your questions, i'm just a punter myself and been down a few times in the past and know sometimes little incidents happen.
    it's good to see your ok and in good spirits.
    chances are you'll learn from it and wont do it again for a long long time
    good luck fixing your bike "peaches" :)
  8. 1. Stick to the tire tracks, I Really avoid the middle of the lanes after it has just started raining. If it hasn't rained for a while all the oil will be built up in the middle and a light spray can make it slippery. At night its not the best but if you have some good light you can see the rainbow from the oil so avoid that. At night if you cant see just slow down and stick in the tire tracks.

    2 & 3: I will not comment on as I am still a newb so my advice might be all wrong :p

    4. Balance? weight transfer? exprience. dont brake. Hope it gets traction again :p I have never lowsided from the back so I cant help much more than that.

    call it a learning exprience and avoid oil like the plauge.
  9. glad to hear you're OK - i cant give advice but as long as you can walk away from it then you are good to learn from the experience
  10. Something I didn't mention in my ride report - Near Clouds Creek a truck going the other way passed me... A moment later, an overwhelming scent of jet fuel... "Hang on, there're no airports here... OH CRAP." :shock: Softly-softly until the scent went away.

    Sorry to hear about your off, Peaches. :(

    Keeping to the wheeltracks (particularly near intersections and places where there's stop/go traffic) helps, as cars tend to scrub the road clean with their tyres. Random oil/diesel drops halfway around a corner are a bit trickier. :?
  11. Hit a patch this morning too coming through a bend. It just spun up, got a bit sideways before regaining grip.. kept it on the gas the whole time.

    Got the adrenalin going afterwords, but more out of excitement :D
  12. I think the problem is that the you have piggy facing backwards on the bike.

    Maybe move piggy up to sit behind the front screen and it can call out any potential dangers it sees up ahead?
  13. Sorry to hear about your off, Peaches. Oil does suck! Raining this morning on my way into the city in Melbourne and rainbow patches all over. Good that you were wearing ATG. Think what your knee would be like if you hadn't been wearing Draggins! My husband came off his 500cc Scarabeo in the rain last week. He is battered and bruised somewhat, and also a graze on his knee, but would have been so much worse without ATG. He said as he flew down the road watching his bike go in front of him, all he could think was "Oh my BIKE!!".

    Put it down to another learning experience and be thankful you are still in one piece. And keep riding!
  14. So there really wasn’t anything I can do to avoid the crash? That’s freaking scary! :shock:

    FYI I WAS in the right wheel track, not in the middle of the lane because I was coming in wide into the corner. The oil patch was smack bang in the middle of the right wheel track. I have NO idea how it happened! I also had the throttle on constant, didn’t jump on the brakes or anything. :?

    While I was catching my breath, mid77 went back to the road and he said that there were grooves there, which meant there was probably a car acco that happened recently in the same spot. Scary stuff! :shock:

    I also remembered the bike turning 180 degrees so that by the time I stopped I was facing the traffic the wrong way. How the hell did that happen???? :roll:

    I’m just very glad that there were other riders there to help me, and they were kind enough to wait for me and be so encouraging while I caught my breath! After that they helped me hop on Peaches again and off we went home. Safe and sound! Yay!

    Ps – yes, piggy was fine. After Luke dragged me off the road and I caught my breath I went to hug Peaches and gave Piggy a pat. It was amazing that Piggy went down with me but survived totally intact with no gravel rash! Not even a tear to his pink fur, he’s just got a bit of a dirty ear! :grin:

    Oh and yes, Paul, I had 70 denier tights underneath the draggins. Still didn’t stop the rash though!
  15. Scary....

    I hope your ok.
  16. Wonderful to hear you're okay. Good job it was 30KmH and not 60 eh :!:
    What did these blokes do differently that they didn't come off?
  17. took a different line?
  18. Bad luck mate. Sorry to hear it.
  19. Sorry to hear you had an off Ruth. Glad You're ok :)
    On the up-side, your first off is now behind you.
    I still have THAT to look forward to :eek:hno:

    PS: You sure its wasn't a fuel spill ?? I mean in the right wheeltrack on a left-hander could be fuel pouring out a filler cap from a vehicle with a full tank.