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Rusty old bridge at night

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Aussie_mate, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Use this river crossing if you dare... I noticed this old rusty bridge while out on a local walking track, so I thought I'd return at night and light it up a bit to get this shot :)

    Rusty Bridge.


    Picked up a new ND8 filter the other day so I decided to head down to the beach to try it out, was nice of the weather to send through a storm at the same time :)

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  2. Wow! The bridge shot is awesome! :)
  3. Thanks Ness, after getting half eaten alive it made it all worthwhile :)


    The Cliffs at Bundeena in the Royal National Park
  4. I'm loving that bridge shot!

    ...how did you illuminate it for the shot?
  5. Cheers mate (y)

    I had a torch sitting behind the grass on the left with it shooting across the front of the bridge and I was hiding down behind the bridge with my flash gun which I was just firing off manually in different locations for several shots to try and get some different effects. I was triggering the camera on the tripod via a remote and from memory and I had it set to around a 15 sec shutter speed, I only remember that cause I was trying to keep count as I couldn't hear the camera shutter from behind the bridge :) Cheers
  6. That's some old school light painting right there.... you certainly earned that image. (y)
  7. haha yeah I was really hoping the shots just turned out something like what I was after by the end :)
  8. Cheers Reesa (y)