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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by I Adore Vic, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Seeing as I live at the sea, I'm wondering whether it's worthwhile getting the bike rust proofed. I've no idea if there is such a thing, but they do cars so surely they do bikes.

    Has anyone else done this with their bike?

    Or, is there a preventive way to conserve my bikes shiny bits?

  2. Most of what could rust should already be protected by either paint or chrome - so looking after that by regular polishing would be a good start. Smaller areas that may be susceptible like around bolts you can look after by spraying regularly with a bit of CRC/WD40 or fish oil (there's de-odourised stuff available). There are permanant coatings to keep water out but unless you're 100% certain rust hasn't already started ie t's still in the factory) they can sometimes do more harm than good - causing parts to rust from the inside and making it difficult to notice the corrosion until it's already too late.
  3. Thanks jd. :) Will do. Is there any particular polish to use on the chrome or is it just a spit on the rag job? :wink: :)

    My main concern is the inside of the exhaust pipes. They have turned a rustyish colour. Should I give that a spray too?

  4. There are some polishes designed specifically for chrome like autosol, even just normal auto polish will work. What you want is something that'll leave a coating on the chrome to help protect it, I'm sure one of the cruiser riders on here will be able to recommend something (Grease/Vaseline would work but it'd be sticky and you'd get some funny looks from the neighbours lubing up the bike :LOL:).
    There's not much you can do about the inside of the exhaust, give it time and it should develop a nice layer of matt black soot. The oxidation there is due to the heat - it shouldn't go any further than the surface layer unless for some reason water is getting into the exhaust pipe. There's plenty of bikes out there that are 20+ years old still running their original exhaust.
  5. Hey JD normal autosol is great for leaving fine scratches in good chrome it contains a lovely product called jewllers rouge its great for removing rust on chrome and corrosion off alloy but do not use it on new or good finishes trust me on that one

    its better to use a liquid polish that does not contain jewellers rouge look out for it.

    For the inside of mufflers spray em with deoderized fish oil thats the only thing that seems to prevent corrosion inside pipes got a set i sparayed years ago in the garage roof and they are still as the day i sprayed them
  6. Rosie, if I lived by the sea I would be just as concerned about alloy oxidizing as steel rusting, maybe more so. The already suggested WD-40 works good on alloy too, just spray on and wipe off regularly. Where you can't wipe off, just spray and leave.
  7. Thanks guys. I've put WD-40 on the shopping list.

    jd said:
    jd, You don't know my neighbors (major major stickybeaks). I'm tempted to put on a red teddy, some loud bow chika wow wow music and get out there with a whole tub of the stuff. :cool: