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Rust / Oxidation

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by tunelliner, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hi guys.. i just have some general maintenance questions about my little hornet in regards to oxidation
    Just with the oxidation as seen in this picture... would the rust be on the external only? if i have to replace it soon it or later, how much would it cost me?

    oh and here are some other pictures of my bike, just before it having a little scrub down


    oh and sorry about my massive chicken strips :p
    i picked it up like that heheh
  2. Use scotchbrite or a generic scouring pad. Spray WD40 or similar on the painted areas and rub.

    The plated panel won't really clean up in that way, but you could try.

    Once you get rid of the surface rust, unless you live near the coast or leave the bike out in the weather, it will tend to stay clear of the same.


    Trevor G
  3. Yep that'll work - but the easier/lazier alternative is phosphoric acid (sold as rust converter). Paint on the rusty areas, let sit 20 minutes or so, then hose off (repeat if necessary). Either way the rust will come back eventually, regularly spraying with WD40 or applying a coat of car polish will slow this down a lot though.
    Other alternative is to paint immediately after removing the rust (obviously not an option for the forks though).
  4. so basically the rust is only external only?...
    if so then :):)
  5. Using my method doesn't deal with the rust like the jd method does.

    Mine is quickish and removes the oxidation which spreads on the surface of the chrome or paint, a little like spilling a liquid on the floor. There are minute, pin-hole sized openings in chrome and the like which, once rust starts, ooze out their rusty compound and spread it around on top of the surface.

    Funny thing is, when you remove it you still see the chrome or paint underneath (the pinholes must be really small) and in the right conditons the rust does not return.

    Cleaning with WD40 and then wiping over with a rag rather than washing with a hose might help, but my bike has been washed since and does not show the bad rust through the point anymore - it was like the lower crown in your photo, or maybe worse. At least I didn't have to repaint. And that was 5 years ago.


    Trevor G
  6. Yep, rust has up to 8 times the volume of the iron it came from so even a tiny hole can account for a fairly large "bloom" of rust on the surface. So what might look bad is in fact only a tiny amount of metal that's been corroded, so it's really only a cosmetic issue.
  7. I knew it!

    BTW, doesn't phosphoric acid damage the paintwork if you apply it? It might be OK on chrome?

    I only ever use elbow grease...and even on the thinly painted, pock-marked crowns Honda delight in, the paint is visually undamaged (to the naked eye, anyway) after extensive rubbing.


  8. thanks guys... i might try the WD40 first thing tmorrow morning :]
  9. Never had a problem with it doing that. The reaction involved in removing the rust is a very specific one, phosphoric itself isn't a particularly aggresive acid (people drink it after all).
    Only exception is if the rust extends under the paint work - the acid can seep in and get at that leaving the paint with nothing to attach to. But then I'd rather have fresh, exposed metal than rusty metal hiding under paint anyway :).