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Rust in the fuel tank (pic)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by AFX, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I got my bike back on Monday after having it repaired. Part of the repairs involved respraying the fuel tank because it got a bit scratched up.

    I was going to fill the tank this morning until I noticed this:


    It certainly didn't look like that when I took the bike in to get it repaired. :mad:

    The bike had been in the shop since late November (they took their sweet time about it). So I imagine the fuel cap/tank may have been left open while it was being resprayed and this probably led to the corrosion.

    I didn't end up filling the tank this morning because I'm not sure if I want rust mixing in with the fuel. The bike only has 1500km on it so it shouldn't be that rusted. Is this something that can be fixed or should I be kicking up a stink with the people who "repaired" it?

    I'd appreciate your comments / suggestions if you have any. The bike is a Hyosung GT250R.
  2. Rust is a real Bad Bad. So dont fill up the tank untill it is fixed, the rust will block up ur carbs and bugger up ur bike.

    Hassle the guys that had ur bike. They should fix it.
  3. Under warranty?

    The minimum I'd be gunning for would be for them to put a liner in the tank. Doing this yourself is a hassle and if you are not really careful you can damage the paint in the process.

    If it was under warranty, I'd be asking for a new tank, but you may struggle.
  4. If u dont have any luck i have some kreem here that i would sell for $80.00, the normall cost is around $100 +
  5. i used and recommend por15 from permanent paint solutions, fuel tank repair kit ,comes with wash ,rust netralizer and remover , and sealer , you can find aussie reps on the net ,
  6. Perhaps take it to where you were getting it sprayed and demand they pay for new tank as their actions led to the rust?
  7. I read about this treatment last night and I ordered the repair kit this morning. :)

    I can't trust those imbeciles to get it right. Especially when they were suggesting using Methylated Spirits to remove the rust. :?

    I'll just be sending them the bill.
  8. an old school way of PREVENTING rust in tank was a cup of metho in the tank once a month, old XJ Yamahas are notorious for trapping water and rusting out the bottom corners. Possibly this is what they were thinking, if its only a bit of minor surface rust visible through cap hole (probably from when they rubbed it back) I would just treat that with some steel wool on a stick.

    my 2c

  9. If it was mine or me doing the job id just use the por15 rust converter ,then as said a tad of metho or winns dry fuel , i think the rust got there from grinding (sparks) then rusted , the por15 sealer is more for the (tank that holds no water) iv repaired 4 tanks with the por15 sealer, warning the por15 destroys petcocks, use something else, and becarfull with the fuel filler cap, its a pitta to get out of the lock and vent hole
  10. It is best for ALL Motorcycle Tanks to fill the bloody things at the nearest servo to your home, just before you park it. I keep a 20 litre drum of fuel, and fill my bike to the brim after every ride. I learned this lesson the hard way.
  11. the rust got there, because your bike sat still with very little fuel in it for 3 months, exposing the uncoated metal in the tank to oxygen.

    you can blame the workshop all you like, but im sure they will tell you the same.

    how old is your bike? because eventually all bikes get a certain amount of corrosion in the tank. thats why you ensure that your petrol filter is changed regularly ;)
  12. I've gone through the POR15 treatment. The rust is gone and the tank has a coating of the POR15 sealer to prevent any further rust. I was quite pleased with the results.

    joelridescbr I think I was just a bit peeved after waiting so long for the bike and then discovering rust in the tank. I realised the shop wasn't to blame and they ended up giving me a Yamaha fuel filter and a tank protector. :)

    MVrog I think I might get myself a drum to store fuel. I'm sure it will also come in handy when I've forgotten to fill up at the servo.