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Rust and Little Scratches

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dna500, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am going to inspect a 2007 Suzuki GS500. The vendor told me it is mechanically in order but isn't aesthetically perfect.

    In detail he referred to a scratch on the exhaust pipe plus little scratches and general stuff. I am a bit concern of the ones on the tank. Below a few pics he sent me.

    IMG_1895.JPG IMG_1897.JPG IMG_1898.JPG IMG_1900.JPG IMG_1901.JPG IMG_1903.JPG

    What do you think? I do not mind the marks at all but the rusty bits make me think a bit.

    All input appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
    Cheers guys!

    (if the post is in the wrong forum's section please help m out!)

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  2. I think of rust as a sign of neglect, a few scratches here and there are not so much an issue. If it were me I'd be looking for a bike that looks loved.
    Oh and this is a better place for your post.
  3. Thanks Mcsenna for the answer and moving the post in the right place!
  4. I think it's been sitting outside for a longtime .

    It looks like an absolute junker mate.
  5. Hey mate,

    I don't know what the guy is asking, but it would want to be a low price, based on the photos. What's the year and mileage on it?

    BTW I'm about to advertise mine (avatar pic) and will be asking mid $4k, with RWC, 21,000 km, rego till Oct and a Ventura bag.
    It's mint, by comparison.

    If you're interested, let me know and I'll organise some photos for you.
  6. I'd say that's been sitting out in the weather for a fair while. Doesn't mean it's no good but would want to be pretty cheap. Keep looking around if it's not cheap.
  7. Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for the notes!

    I went yesterday night to inspect the bike and have a good chat with the owner.
    The bike looked way better than on the pictures, she does have her years and scratches all over but mechanically it sounded pretty good and the price is well measure on the condition.

    I went for a quick ride, half on the back of the owner to get to a good speed and half me riding (in a car park, I just got my L).

    I am considering proceeding with the deal but I still have a couple of things that bother me:

    - REAR BRAKE squeaking sound. Apparently a trademark of the GS500, I need to understand if I can live with it/fix it.
    Rear brakes making a weird noise

    - The guy does have only one KEY, I need to understand how much is going to cost me to get a second one done.

    - No SERVICE RECORD as the booklet got wet and destroyed – but in this I trust the guy (bad on me) words

    - Got a bit scared of how POWERFUL (and HEAVY) the bike is compare to my old ride in Italy (1980 Vespa 125PX) and the Honda I used for my L’s – it will be a steep learning curve!

    But overall… quite happy… so..
  8. Mick MMick M - Thanks for the offer! For now I am trying to go for something cheaper as it is my first ride!
    basejumperbasejumper - It comes with a price measured to the condidion
  9. Rear brake pads may need replacement, You can sometimes roughen them up with sandpaper if there is still pad left and they have glazed. The GS500 is a simple bike so easy enough to work on. The key is a dumb key with no electronic engine immobiliser chip in it so it is just a matter of getting a new one cut from your current key. An automotive locksmith will be able to do that for you. Should be fairly cheap, particularly if you take it to them. Get the extra key as soon as possible.
  10. Thanks!
    What you are saying match exactly my plan....
  11. It looks like most of those will clean up with a bit of elbow greas and TLC. Touch up paint and buffing will have the tank looking better, although getting it perfect will be a respray.

    the rust around the healight and mounts is within buffing out with a automotive metal polish. Also these can be replaced fairly easily and inexpensively.

    The scratch on the exhaust can be lessoned with some fine wet and dry and polish, but be careful if it's chrome, rather than stainless as you can go through the chrome

    the other one "Suzuki" i'm not 100% sure where it is on the bike, but it looks like you'd get most of that by replacing the stickers.

    So cosmetically it's not the end of the world. I'd be concentrating the the bike mechanically and structurally. If that matches or is better than the kilometers than start negotiating, using the marks as as means to get the price lower.