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Russians are crazy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maximus, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. hey guys,how are you???
    well here's a story.it's been 6 months now for me in moscow.
    turned the tv on the other night and here's the news.every 2nd rider in major cities is unlicenced so the cops decided to do riders a favour.they say we're sick of chasing you around so why don't you guys just come and sit the test and do the practice bit as well.we won't bust you,we promise.so all the half conscious rider popped in on their fully sick motorbikes.half not even wearing a helmet.sat the test fine but 80% failed the practice bit.what they did???nothing.cops let them get back on their bikes and ride away still unlicenced.
    just weird to me.that's all. felt like sharing.)))

  2. enforcement issues, kind of lame if you tell them to come in no strings attached and then just bust them for it... kinda hard for people to trust you again

    good initiative, bad execution
  3. Back in the old days the latter above would've been the answer to this...
  4. Yes :LOL:
    Motorcyclists, first against the wall when the revolution starts.
  5. sorta reminds me of when my Mum got her bike license, 25 years ago.
    My step dad pillioned her to Sunbury (from Craigieburn)
    he sat on a bench outside while Mum went into the Copshop....
    the copper comes out, says to my Mum "well ya rode here, so I spose ya know what ya doing, just ride down to that post and come back, while I go inside and fill in ya paperwork" :shock:
  6. Getting a car license sure is bloody hard in Russia. You have to spend months in driver training before taking the exams. I would assume that it's the same with bikes, so it's no surprise most of those guys failed.

    And they are, indeed crazy. Not the cops - the riders themselves. Driving a car in Moscow is freaking scary. Riding a bike is more like, suicidal.

    A bit of an off-topic: do you actually speak Russian? If not, how do you get by?

    I've known a few Aussies back there, who were exchange students at the Moscow State University (sort of - they didn't actually do any studying from what I've heard). Real nice people. A bit hard-drinking (even by local youth's standards), but nice :grin:
  7. Which is why it seems ludicrous when old-time riders shout for better new-rider and driver training, when they did.... nothing at all, really. I wouldn't put it past my other half's 8 year old brother to do a basic traffic cone course.... he'd probably pass with flying colours.... :wink:
  8. Speaking as 'an older rider' I've done advanced rider training courses every 2 years for about the last 20 years.

    I'm not sure that's 'nothing' :p

    I also saw a guy who actually got his license about the time I did who did nothing die about 3 months after he got his license.

    I really don't recommend the experience :cry:
  9. well i do speak fluent russian so no biggie for me being here really.as far as driving and riding,you're absolutely right.it just scares me how people neglect some real basic stuff on the roads.well to give an example,me my brother and sister in law went for a drive.she was driving.crosses double solid and gets pulled over straigh away.the cop goes like well it's 80$ fine(there are no demerits here) and it goes on the record.she goes well officer can we sort it out???ha says 40$ and we can pretend it never happened.
    you know i used to always say "only in america" when something like that happened. now i say "only in russia"))))
  10. haha, that's awesome
    christ, if they ever weed the corruption out of Penrith PD i'll be so screwed

    on topic, perhaps a bit of recon by Russian Police to find out what the show of heads would be? find out just how BIG the unlicensed rider problem is, instead of guessing?
  11. Ah, this takes me back :grin: I thought crossing the double solid (at least when overtaking) resulted in instant licence suspension in Russia though. I was chatting about that with a friend of mine (he's from Sochi), who is a bit of a petrol-head, and it came up in the conversation. So I guess you guys got lucky :) Or, perhaps, my mate was wrong.

    Come on man, you can't do much mischief on an RS125 :p I mean you have to help it with your feet to get it moving :LOL: Of all the bikes I used to have I miss it the most though. Love the farts and bangs when you drop the revs.

    Back on topic though - I don't think the number of riders who turned up for the tests is indicative of how many really are out there. A lot of people would be afraid to turn up despite the assurance that they won't get booked. I know I'd be one of them :roll: There's not an awful lot of faith in Russian authorities' promises out there.
    I'm actually quite surprised that the cops went through with it. Oh well, maybe things are getting better after all...
  12. it doesn't like cruising speeds, does it. if you're not accelerating or engine braking (my fave type of braking :grin: ) it coughs and splutters and whinges at you

    maybe it's all the gta i've been playing disevening, but i read your post with a full Russian accent
  13. I actually thought it was behaving okay at cruising speeds as far as handling and the engine were concerned. I got terrible leg pains after cruising on it for a while though, so I only used it for short strolls or late-night 125GP-style fun :) It's weird cause none of the other bikes I had gave me a hard time in that department.

    Can't see why you like engine braking on the RS. It is practically non-existent on all 2-strokes. Although the noises it makes when you do that are awesome :) But don't get too used to it, cause when you take out a proper big 4-stroke and try engine braking on that one, it'll be an entirely different experience. A bit like hitting a brick wall.

    That's funny, cause it's exactly how I'd be saying it :LOL: 18 years in Moscow take their toll.
  14. LOL... yea that is pretty stupid BUT I can see both parties showing respect.

    clinks wrote:
  15. Engine braking on a 2 stroke is a bit nasty...
  16. It's not as simple as that.
    hehe...spoken like a 21yr old... :grin: ...and no offence intended....

    Back in the day (well before me btw), the traffic conditions were vastly different to now. Priorities were different also....both on the side of the police and the public.
    The two era's are worlds apart.