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Russian Tank found in lake 50years later

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Check this out. Some very cool video of the tank being pulled out of the lake. Amazing it seems that the tracks still turn and it looks as though the turret moves as well. Pretty good considering it has just spent 50 years under a lake.


  2. That's one helluva find they have there!
  3. Wonder if checking local lakes would yield similar results :LOL: They pulled a 100 series landcruiser wagon with boat trailer from lake Fairbairn out here. Not really the same sort of find however.
  4. Minor repair + a service and they started the engine in that tank! :shock:

    Go the mighty diesel!
  5. DAMN... they built those tanks to work and last the test of time....
  6. news.com.au was reporting a couple of days ago that the drought had yielded finds of weapons in rivers that were lower than they'd ever been, a couple the Police believe are linked to local murders. Somewhere in Victoria, but I can't recall where......
  7. why didnt the young bloke who figured out it was there keep the finding to himself and take it and claim it as his own :twisted: mine! mine! mine!
  8. show and tell at school was never the same again...
  9. Imagine that for a lawn ornament! Better than a tyre swan anyday!