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NSW Russian/NZ License conversion issues NSW

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by niero, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys

    My name is Nick. Was born in Russia and I am moving from Aotearoa (NZ) to NSW to begin work as a Helicopter Instructor. While I am moving in I am thinking of obtaining a Motorbike but I am getting really stuck with the whole conversion of systems.

    I think I got my head around the green, pink, blue, "pick your rainbow colour" slips. But I still have a few questions when it comes to obtaining a motorbike in NSW.

    I have obtained my full motorbike license in Russia and have ridden on it in NZ, but then circumstances forced me to get a car. I did not convert my license and it has just expired (cant renew). I hold a learners motorbike NZ also (on which I can sit my restricted on to convert to P in NSW directly if I have time). (And full Car which converts nicely into Australian full). As I right now stand I understand that I can only get a learners license in NSW because my Russian full has expired but have to redo all the tests including the practical basic skills test if I to convert my L NZ License.

    I had a look at motorbikes in Australia (the exchange rate kills ya) and I got my eyes set on a Mild CBR600RR (1998ish) or a XR6R. A nice step down in size from my previous RF900R and ZXR750 bikes but a nice sturdy bike. I read the list of approved bikes but its like looking at a menu at a Scottish Restaurant, not much there and nothing that you really want.

    I did a bit more digging and realized that I could not ride them legally in Australia because they are not approved. Does this list stand even with a P license? Or can I obtain that motorbike only on my full?

    Is it possible to get those bikes on the information I have provided legally? If not is there a way to get those bikes mildly legally (here in NZ we have a 250cc only rule until full, but as long as you are not a hoon you can get away with riding a 400 without problems (minus License tests). What are the problems I face if I get that bike, please note due to my Pilots License I need my record to be as clean as possible, any fines that do not go on record are okay I guess (I would like to avoid if possible) but not the end of the universe. Thanks very much guys, Nick
  2. LAMs restriction counts on Ps as well, if you are caught riding the fine is massive. $430 for unapproved bike and 4 points, failure to display L plate $201 and 2 points. That means its a 3 month suspension. No you can't get any bike that isn't on the list (even if it meets the requirements, it has to be approved first).I guess it sucks if you are used to more powerful bikes but there are still plenty of great bikes on the lams list, and you won't get in any trouble for a 400cc bike.
  3. Hi Nick,
    Did you try to renew your Russian license? Otherwise you will have to go for 'P' with all the LAMS restrictions, including motorcycle selection.
    The only (not really legal but pretty safe) way to get a faster bike on LAMS is to buy 650, then unlock it (it's possible for some bikes, at least with Kawasaki). Say honestly, do you really need a powerful bike in NSW? No roads for them, just race tracks.
  4. when i got my bike brand new at the shop there was a Kiwi there who just bought a cruiser and wanted to sell it, i asked why if you just got it why sell it.

    he said Queensland law states you must hold an Australian car licence for one year to get a motorbike learners.
  5. Mate, get your license in NZ as far as you can. The system is much easier to navigate, and go through the gradual process IMO. Whe I did my test in Taurange, the instructor both for the restricted and fuels, followed me in a car, with a radio in my ear giving me directions. Both times by myself, and both times no waiting, or booking dramas. Converts straight over to NSW license. The Russian license might allow you to do the full test, even though it has expired. www.myrta.com.au
  6. Ouch, I mean I heard that Australia is pretty strict on riding but thats one hell'of'a spanking. Maybe the law legislators are getting touchy when it comes to sizes... But in all seriousness I think thats a very smart law and should be introduced all around the world. Its a bit of a shame that things have turned this way for me personally, but oh well.

    Its not the power that I am after. But a selection of bikes to choose from. I guess I took for granted that I could choose whatever bike I wanted, and still do. The ones that I have short listed right now are Hyousong 250somethingsomething and the GSX500F and reluctantly the Hyousong 650R... although thats just like playing russian roulette "motorbike mechanic styles". If I choose to go with it I will defiantly buy a POS car just in case. But it can be "unrestricted" as you all say thats why its on the list.

    The reason why I prefer the bikes that I have mentioned is because when I was in highschool my dream bike was the CBR and the ZX6(or 9)R... Its not the power I am after, perhaps the looks but more mainly the joy of riding and owning something that I always wanted to. I also can see that the bikes due to this law have been shaken up extremely in terms of value, the demand for the LAMS bikes are very high so the price is higher, and thats not bringing the exchange rate into the consideration. I am also very used to the the heavier bikes and I enjoy them more. Not saying that the 250 are not fun, but I would take a 750 over one.

    I will try to get my Restricted in NZ while I still can then or perhaps if I can still sit the damn full even though it has expired (thanks for the tip). The reason why I cant renew my russian License is because I cant make russia come to me and going over there just to renew a license is plain stupid if I look at the expenses associated with it! (In my eyes anyway)

    Any more suggestions on the bikes that are like the ones I have mentioned that are on the LAMS list?

    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it!
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