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Russian motorcyclists attack car driver and passenger different outcome!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jack_1313, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Another crazy road rage incident involving a car driver and a pack of roguish motorcyclists. :(

  2. did you watch the whole thing jack ?
  3. A biker story of a different kind, from todays H/S

  4. Well that's a differnt way to do it!
  5. ;-)
  6. Nice way to propose. But he's still going to have a sh1t life! The romance fades. The love turns to spite. Her touch make your skin vomit and her voice is like fingernails down a chalkboard. All you do is sit around waiting for the sweet embrace of death.
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  7. You only get the woman you deserve, sounds like you've picked some real balltearers.
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  8. I think Jack got you there mate.
  9. Unsurprising how the papers are referring to them as 'Bikies'. They look like a bunch of regular ol' sportsbike riding motorcyclists to me. Not sure that the Comancheros would offer their services in such a lame setup.

    And if I were enlisting people to act as thugs before I proposed to my Mrs, I'd at least script in me knocking out about 5 of them before dropping to one knee, not floundering around on my bonnet and having to have my girlfriend get out and stick up for me :blackeye:
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  10. I wonder what her answer was.......
  12. nah mate, a ''different outcome'' would have been some texting / facebooker slamming right through that clumsy roadblock of gayness.

    in russia, the road rides you.