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Russian bikes strip a cabbie naked for driving dangerously

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. http://funreports.com/fun/06-07-2005/1235-nude_driver-0

    Russian bikers make taxi driver circle his cab around naked

    A group of bikers attacked the driver of a taxi van in the city of Astrakhan, in Russia's south. The bikers dragged the man out of the van, pulled his trousers off and made the driver run around the vehicle naked, lifting his arms up.

    The incident occurred on July 3rd, at about 8:00 p.m., near one of the bus stops in the city, Regnum news agency reported.

    ”We punished the driver for his joke, when he made one of out friends drive his bike very close to the street curb,” a “lyncher” explained the reasons of the punishment. “Unfortunately, there are some people, who do not understand that a road is not a playground. We decided to punish one of those people. There are many way to teach someone a lesson within the framework of the law,” said he.

    ”Next time we will put down the names of those drivers, who will be running around their vehicles naked. We will take pictures of those men and upload them on our website,” the biker promised.

    It is noteworthy that bikers already punished the driver of a Land Rover Defender offroad in September of 2004 in Moscow. Dozens of bikers, who participated in the annual biker parade in Russia's capital, started chasing the offroad vehicle on their Harley, Honda and Kawasaki motorbikes. The driver of the offroad vehicle, 32-year-old Muscovite Sergei Danduryan, provoked several accidents, ran over three parade participants and knocked several motorbikes down.

    The bikers stopped the vehicle on one of the central streets of Moscow, pulled the driver out of the car, beat him, overturned the Land Rover Defender, set the car on fire and escaped.
  2. crazy russians. gotta love em
  3. Shit, and I thought I was bad ;-)
  4. In Soviet Russia, cabbie abused by YOU!
  5. Re: Russian bikes strip a cabbie naked for driving dangerous

    I love it, if only we could do this to all bad drivers.
  6. it is all the Vodka they drink, eat, piss and use as fuel in ther bikes... it makes their world go...
  7. Was just reading an article about the shang-hai to paris race.

    Anyhow they mentioned that Russia has a zero bac limit, for all drivers.

    Really strange for the land of vodka drinkers. (The wife (who is Russian) grandfather was once payed in bottles of vodka for a month. No cash, just vodka)
  8. :LOL: fantastic.
  9. riding a Dnieper would make me angry too
  10. What a great story.
    Wouldn't have happened under the old regime, comrade.
    For crimes against the state like that we can send you to the Gulag!
  11. Love it! :LOL:
  12. if this was to happen here there would be alot of drivers who might as well not wear clothes.....ever
  13. can v do that to the police????????
  14. Yeah but......

    ..... think about what might happen if the cabbies ganged up on us? (although in Sydney most of them can't read or write, so they probably couldn't organise it either)
    Great yarn, though, imagine what the Landy driver told his insurance company (not to mention his wife!)
  15. What I found the most staggering about it is that there really_is_a Regnum news agency... at first reading, that seemed like a clue that some software developer was taking the piss.
  16. Re: Yeah but......

    Could they possibly be any more of a threat to us than they already are? Their secret meetings to plot against us would keep them off the road for an hour or so, that's about 3 accidents per driver averted.
  17. Hey, I just noticed that the toipc says "Russian BIKES..."

    I am just wondering if they breed particularly viscious versions of Hondas and Yamahas there, cos I've never seen a bike be that aggressive!

    (maybe it should have said BIKIES????)



  18. Thats funny... and even more funny if you can do the Accent :p :p :LOL: :LOL: