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[Russia] PM praises motorcycling

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. http://www.bikepoint.com.au/news/2010/putin-lauds-the-motorcycle-21141

    Putin lauds the motorcycle
    Makes an appearance at a rally in Ukraine, and hails the powered two-wheeler as the most "democratic" form of transport

    Here is something that another Russian political leader, the late Boris Yeltsin, could not have seriously contemplated doing, as he was half cut on vodka most of the time.

    I speak of Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin's recent appearance at a motorcycle rally in Ukraine, where he declared "motorcycles [are] the ultimate symbol of freedom".

    Putin, who shares executive power in Russia with the president Dmitry Medvedev (an office he once held himself), arrived at the rally, which was organised by Russia's biggest outlaw motorcycle gang, wearing fingerless gloves and astride a Harley-Davidson TriGlide.

    He then addressed the 5000-strong crowd with some pearls of wisdom, which included a peppering of political remarks.

    "The bike, the motorcycle is, of course, the most democratic form of transport," Putin said to an enraptured audience.

    "Long live Russia, long live Ukraine, and long live the bike."

    He then continued: "It is the symbol of freedom. You are all gathered here not because the party of the government told you to...

    "You rode out here because you are free people and you wanted to be here today."

    When will the 'real' Julia step up and extol the same virtues in Australia?
  2. I'd be a lot happier about this if Putin wasn't a dangerous crypto-fascist.

    But yes. In principle I'd like to see more senior figures support motorcycling.
  3. Probably 20min after he made the speech he arrested them all and sent them to fight all the fires burning in russia at the moment (especially as the area containing the worst fallout from chernobyl is about to burn, and re-release the lot).
  4. He'd have more credibility if he wasn't such a nob.
    ... but because the government let you.

    just like those free people arrested for asking that the consititution be upheld
  5. Why would Russia's biggest outlaw gang have a rally in Ukraine? Ukraine would be really keen on seeing more Russions belting around the country telling them what to think8-[](*,)
  6. i for one, love putin. its what we need here in australia.

    we need an ex special forces, who goes hunting, rides motorcycles, can fly a fighter jet and is a black belt in judo (? some martial art anyway) for our priminister. would be awesome.

    the guys a champ, re-instating long distance bombing patrols, instilling some pride back into the red army.

    its what we need here, not a bunch of geeks who think something exciting and far out there is going to the football or cricket running our country.
  7. Ah, makes me wanna go riding in Russia......err, hangon!!!!!
    Our icicle ride temps? their winter temps??........ JUST CHANGED MY MIND!