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Rus Ler's Epic Alpine Adventure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Rus Ler, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. I'm heading to Bright in the Vic High Country for a few days on Sunday 31 Jan taking in the sights and roads (have also got the good eats from BeeBee) then up the Omeo Hwy to Corryong, from there its a blank sheet, have to be in Wodonga on Friday 5th, then back to Ararat for Fr33dmFr33dm's Ride to Remember.

    Any suggestions for a run through NSW , comfortable distances, great roads and things to see, I was thinking maybe Jindabyne, Cooma, Tumut, Batlow, Wodonga, or could go further a field if these are only short distances

    This has come about fairly quickly as I have just got a week off - woo hoo, hence me being disorganized, all suggestions are appreciated and if one would like to tag along at any time you are most welcome
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  2. Hi Rus,

    THIS is my suggestion for part of the trip. I was trying to work in The Bogong High Plains rd but it entails doubling back on yourself and if you want to do the Omeo hwy it doesn't quite work. Similarly with the Bonang Hwy, it would be fun but doesn't work on this trip Save them for next time. :)

    Crossing from Albury/Wodonga back to Ararat is fairly flat so don't have good suggestions there, Stay off the Hume though it's fairly boring.
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  3. Head south from Batlow to Tallangatta, Mitta Mitta, Omeo, Bright.
    Missing out on the Mitta Mitta run, whilst up that way, just isn't on.
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  4. No help with roads unfortunately Rus LerRus Ler, but have an awesome week off and come back refreshed and ready for more riding on the Ride to Remember. So stay safe and enjoy,
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  5. Doing the Hotham - Anglers Rest - Falls Creek loop as well as Mt Buffalo, happy to back track over The Bogong High Plains as I use to ski up there , catching up with a couple of mates near Bright I haven't seen in a while, can make my own time, like early starts and finished by 4.00, more so suggestions north of Corryong, haven't been there before,
    Meeting up with smithy65smithy65 in Bendigo and maybe GoldenberriGoldenberri in Daylesford or Ballarat if we can crossed paths at the same time
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  6. Where to start!
    There are quite a few very nice roads in NSW heading toward the coast if you got the time but maybe too far. I rode Mt Darrah Rd and Myrtle Mtn Rd on my way to Tassie and its was great fun. Plenty of other fun roads in that area as well that could be worth exploring.
    Then there's all the roads that lead to and from Cabramurra, Granya run is also super fun and should be included. Im a bit envious atm!
    This is a cracker - https://goo.gl/maps/GRj24a89SWr
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  7. #7 Rus Ler, Jan 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
    Did Mitta Mitta a couple of years ago in a 4wd just after it had been sealed, this is my first chance to get back, can please myself where I go just don't want to miss a good road
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  8. Was thinking of something like this, may even go further north as I have 4 full days to explore, don't mind if Friday is a long run back to Wodonga as I have to wait for my son to finish work anyway, did Blue mountains to Wodonga in November, long run though, Hume bores me to tears
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  9. You got me in map mode now - https://goo.gl/maps/Sr94XCcmEz42
    The run from Tathra to Tilba Tilba is nice too. North and north east of Cooma is not very exciting till you hit Batemans Bay, Bungendore/Goulburn areas where a few more options twisty options open up, which is in my neck of the woods.
    Haven't really ventured to Batlow - Tumut way but it looks like great country out there thats definitely worth exploring.
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  10. Write up a thread in the Touring section when you get back Rus
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  11. Will do, just have to remember to stop for photos, I'm not a silver tongue (or should that be silver finger tip) like OldmaidOldmaid or XJ6NXJ6N
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  12. You need a Ghost writer ;)
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  13. Looks like fun mate, will look forward to seeing the pics....
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  14. Hi mate, if you'd like a local tour around Tumut / Tumbarumba area, l have a few days off at the same time.
    I could meet up in Tumut, the just do the day?
    Anyhow, the offers there. Let me know, then i can message my phone number to you and arrange a time & date.
    Otherwise, enjoy your ride.
    Cheers Dobbo
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  15. #16 Rus Ler, Jan 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2016
    Cheers dobbodobbo, will be up that way probably Thursday, can't start a conversation with you for some reason
  16. Just looking on maps, could even make it Wednesday going straight up from Corryong, distances aren't as far as I thought, just seems a long way away from me.
  17. Don't underestimate the tiring nature of twisty roads, some of them can be fairly relentless. Allow yourself time to stop, refresh and look at the sites. Have you got your touring kit together?
    • Swiss Army knife is a useful tool.
    • Gaffer Tape can be used to temporarily fix a multitude of issues.
    • Cable ties for things falling off or hanging loose.
    • Small torch always useful.
    • Sun burn cream, even if not sunny you can get a lot of wind burn, insect repellent to keep the mozzies away when relaxing ion the balcony of a pub.
    • Carry water, I like the stainless steel thermos type so the water stays cool. Be careful of dehydration it sneaks up on you.
    • Phone charger, camera charger, Mp3 charger it is amazing how the little electronic dodads multiply.
    • Hat for stops by a river to contemplate the universe.
    • A little medical kit doesn't hurt, bandaids, headache tablets, stingose for bug stings.
    • Puncture repair kit, these are a must, getting stuck in the wilds, no phone coverage and waiting for a passing good samaritan can get very old quickly.
    That's all I can suggest for now, some others may have things they carry in their touring kit they can suggest.
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  18. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr, yep got my kit together, did a lot of hiking in my youth so I'm use to packing the essentials, only thing is I have spoked wheels but I've only had one puncture (3 kms from home mind you) in 30 +years and newish tyres so not too concerned, can charge everything on board, have a small socket set and allen keys, and a Leatherman in my constant companion, not venturing too far of the beaten track and ride fairly easily, not a boy racer at the best of times, alway like plenty of fuel - can be a bit anal about that, don't trust fuel gauges, not too worried about riding solo as I work alone every day
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  19. Only 5 more sleeps Mr Rus LerRus Ler wooohoo.
    You will have a wonderful time but I bet your "girls" will miss you!
    I have no doubt you will meet up with lots of folk along the way, meet some real characters and enjoy yourself immensely.
    I have come to really enjoy the solo riding and find it is everyone else who seems worried about it except for me.
    Remember, we need to see some pictures or it didn't happen ;)
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