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Running the Oxley.... w00t!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Rogues, May 12, 2011.

  1. while hopefully, most of the numpties were looking after, or visiting their mums.........:p
    Bit chilly, but crisp and clear.... at least the mountain wasn't damp in the shadows... 'cause thats when it is the most treachorous

    First download using the GoPro, vision is pretty good but not as good as the original, using the optional 'handlebar mount' I secured the camera to the LHS blinker stalk which works quite well (I think)....what you see on the far right of screen is part of the fairing cowling
    unfortunately halfway through you'll hear a distinct rattle due to a loose clamp on the camera mount

    Anyways, hope you enjoy..\\:D/.. as much as I did

  2. blinker stalk does work well I agree :) (thought it would of made it bouncy but its fine)
    Looks like you had a nice day for it mate,,,,,im jealous
  3. How tight are those bends actually?
  4. Tighter then a Nuns...
  5. i do enjoy :D thanks!

    however, i didn't like the normal sounds, so i am listening to angus and julia stone while watching it - only about 10 mins in so far. angus and julia are rocking it!

    i need to do the oxley again!
  6. glad you enjoyed......... I know I did \\:D/ ........and yeah, there's some pretty tight stuff up there...... guess thats why so many make the pilgrimage to run it...........even if for some, their ambition outweighs their talent:p LoL

    ....... was a bit disappointed with the sound quality,
    had the LCD backpac fitted and the non-waterproof housing which supposedly reduces wind noise[-( but I can only assume there is excessive windrush whipping down the side of the fairing cowling which overpowers the microphone..... plus maybe the bolts on the mounting bracket contribute as well......shame there's more wind noise than engine howl.....
  7. is stickytape over the mic a option? (I do this for my camera when i stick it on the bike - not the same camera though)
  8. Heard a rumour that in the twisty bits it's out of police radio range so they aren't allowed to go up there or some such, dunno how true that is, might've been the locals pulling our legs.
  9. The royal national park is out of radio range as well. I can tell you that as first hand fact. Plenty of cops in there.

    I wouldn't take it as gospel, it's probably just to remote to care. Much like the ten mile on the putty, they probably only visit at 2pm every weekend when an accident has been reported.
  10. Ive heard southbound pursuits on the putty get cancelled by the duty officer in the radio room due to radio coverage issues (cancelled before police went out of radio range along with them stating to alert sydney units for interception instead)
  11. Thanks for not adding any music. I want to hear the motor working.
  12. Nice vid thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to going up there again.
  13. Used to live in Tamworth - always wanted to ride the Oxley.
    Your vid has rekindled that interest.
    Thanks for posting mate - lots of knee-sliding corners there (y)
  14. Cheers lads, it is fun.....\\:D/

    sorry 'bout the bluddy video resolution though........[-(

    Nickers'.........you lived in Tamworth and NEVER rode the Oxley?????.... Oh8-[...... you were'nt unavoidably detained there were you...?? :p
  15. Hahaha ! No mate... lol
    Didn't have a bike whilst living there...on Goonoo Goonoo Rd (the ANZ Bank was in hyterics when listening to my pronunciation of that when I first moved over changing addresses etc).
    I drove it a few times but riding is next on the cards...
  16. I'm living in Tamworth currently, and it's fantastic having quite a few top notch roads like the Oxley within 2 hours :)
    As a matter of fact, doing the Oxley tomorrow morning and again on Sunday afternoon. Going to test out the Pilot Road 3's
  17. A bunch of friends from the mcnews forum will be giving it run over the june 10 ~ 12 weekend. Several retired or semi-retired road racers...

    If I can raise the money, I'll there too. 50 / 50 at this stage... Fingers crossed.
  18. Been down it once,never up,down was a workout.Had to stop at Gingers to get feeling back in my hands,even compared to the creme of the Snowy its still in the top 3 bike roads
  19. Looks epic!
  20. That looks unreal! Ten mile X 3!!! Been added to the to-do-list, thanks for posting