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Running Red Lights

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimboss, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Hi Netriders..

    I do a lot of night riding to and from work and the roads are fairly quiet. When I stop at red lights and Im the only one around (no cars) I usually run them due to the bloody sensors on the roads not picking up my bike.

    My questions are:
    Does your bike get picked up by the traffic signal sensors or do you run them?

    Has anyone been pulled over by the police and got away with it?

    Is there a way to get picked up by the sensors? - I have tried highbeaming, riding on the lines , getting off the bike and jumping on the lines (just joking about the last one).

    In my case running the red light seems logical - Im not going to sit there and freeze my Kahunas off 2 in the morning- Im interested to see what you guys think.

  2. Used to get this problem on one bike I had. Yeah I run them, when it did, but I was really carful about it.
  3. I used to do it all the time in Sydney in the wee hours when driving a tow truck. You'd come up to a set of lights and wait like two mintes sometimes for tanything to happen. So check both ways and go!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Yeah - I agree But I wonder how the boys in blue would see it?
  5. The sensors are magnetic and are triggered by your vehicle moving over a plate that lifts and triggers the cycle of the lights.

    More About How It Works Here

  6. did you actually read that link? 8-[ :LOL:
  7. It would depend on the cop. If you explained why, and you weren't just hammering through the light, most would let you off with a warning.

    If you got the foot finer, it would probably be a different story.

    But if you were caught by a cop car, then that means there was another car about, so it wasn't all that safe to do the manouver.
  8. (ooh, my first double-post)
  9. Hrrm.

    I usually just make sure to ride (and stop) on top of one of the perimeter lines of the inductance sensor.

    Well, it works for my aluminium mountainbike 'n my VTR, at least..
  10. Yeah one time the lights wouldn't turn for me, I get going back and forward over the sensor, but it still wouldn't change. Anyway, after waiting way to long, i... got off the bike and pressed the pedestrian crossing button. yeah I know that is a noobie thing to do, still if it were ever to happen again I would just run the red though.
  11. If you were worried about it, stick the bike in neutral, hop off and hit the button for a pedestrian crossing that will switch the lights over :grin:

    I do it too man, a whole lot of red-lights are timed stupidly, OR have red arrows when you can see for miles up the road without a problem.

    I just run the buggers. More so when I'm in the truck, but I've done it on the bike too.
    Once on the bike (when the road was busy and couldn't just run the light) I had to wait until a cage came up behind me, then I edged forward and motioned for him to come forwards onto the sensors :( Never ride through those lights anymore.
  12. I have seen magnets advertised that you attach to the bottom of your bike and they are supposed to trip the traffic light sensors. Don't know how well they work though.
  13. how is that a newbie thing?? I do it, so it must be a super cool thing ;)
  14. It doesn't happen often but those pressure plates are sometime a bit of a problem.
    I usualy crank down on the from brake as I approach the ba$tards to get a litte extra force on them!
    If the don't work I would suggest the they need to be reported to Vic Roads (transport corp...).
    Otherwise you will have no choice but to run them deep amber lights! ( it is my interpretation that I never run red lights they are just a deep amber) hehehe

  15. Sydney lights are better than they used to be. They tend to rotate phases of a night time, instead of waiting for the next vehicle on the green, in order to change.

    I can imagine there are some that are set up the old way, however.
  16. Not triggering lights was the first thing i noticed on my first road ride last week. I actually waited at a set of lights for near on 10 minutes till i decided enough was enough. Funnily enough I was actually at a set of lights outside a police station! Just make sure there is DEFINATELY nobody around before you go. I think it would really depend on the cop that busts you. Most would be cool i think but you will inevitably get the cop thats angry with the world or the new constable out to prove how good he is. Also depends on whether or not they have filled their fine quota for the night!
  17. If by chance you are stuck at lights and they don't change in sequence and you miss out, once they have done the full sequence and you have still not gotten the green, by law you are allowed to run the red, thats here in victoria anyway!
  18. I've never come to this situation at all. Every set of lights have always changed for me. As far as i know the Perth lights do not have this problem.

    In the "Drive Safe" manual they give you over here when your going for your L's, it tells motorcyclists and cyclists to coem to a stop in the middle of the lane at the lights (often where there is a crack in the bitumen) as this is the most sensitive part of the magnetic plate thingy. Works for me.
  19. Is that just what you have heard or do you know this for a fact?

    Not doubting you but theres lots of peoples versions of "legal facts" going around.
  20. I'll do it in the cage if i can see clear in all directions.

    Never on the bike. I've never had a problem with not getting picked up by the sensors. so i'll just wait for em, not worth the risk, or the points.