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Running out of hands....Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CrazyCam, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Hi folks.

    Today, I rode the wee 125 Cagiva down to Pie in the Sky, then, because the subject of discussion became too much for me on the politics area, I decide to ride just down the hill to see what's happening at Kangeroo Point, then back up again.

    The ride up the hill was loverly, but the pain in my left index finger wasn't.:-(

    I have yet to work up the required frenzy to actually consult with a doctor, but, assuming the problem is an arthritic left index finger, has any one any helpful suggestions as to possible bikes that don't require too much from the left hand?

    Please note, I already ride a Gilera Scooter, where the left hand only works the rear brake, and, frankly, it isn't too comfy either.

    I have sat on a Honda VFR1200 with DSG gearbox, but it was too tall and heavy for me.

    I have also tried a Zero SR electric bike, which, while it would be fine for a person with left hand difficulties, is both stupidly expensive and rather limited in useful range.

    So, any one got any hints/suggestions/thoughts?
  2. Firstly I wouldn't be 'assuming' it's arthritis at all. Get a proper doctor to look at it and give you an informed opinion. It might be entirely curable.
    Aprilia did an 850 twin with auto trans a little while back IIRC.
  3. Amputation ? Strap it straight like society ladies do when they sip their tea , three fingers for the clutch is ample, no ? Seriously Cam go and get the thing looked at mate.
  4. Titus, yeah, of course you are right....but..... us Scots tend to have very low expectations. Maybe we are just too cynical.

    You go to a doctor nowadays, aye, right...... give up smoking..... give up drinking..... give up sex...and, as for riding motorbkes and enjoying yourself... that has to stop.
  5. Mate! I have, quite seriously, had thought along those lines. :finger:

    Yeah, the clutch on the Cagiva 125 isn't too heavy, nor that of the Old R850R.....
    , and

    The basic trouble is, that I have a recurring nightmare, of falling off my bike someplace out in the country, and the helicopter being called in to fetch me.

    Firstly, I am terrified of helicopters, and then, if/when I make it to the hospital, being tested for all sorts of stuff that I just know I'll be found guilty of.

    Actually, Mcsenna, I really like the idea of taping the crook finger to the one next to it, and seeing how that works out......

  6. Get a postie
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  7. If you're desperate to avoid the doc you could buy the Honda NC700/750 with the dual clutch auto trans thingo, to give it its correct technical name. That'll get rid of the left hand requirement, so you could chop the whole thing off, not just the finger.
  8. Hi Cam,
    I saw a modified clutch lever on-line one night on a Yamaha cruiser forum. It was called a 'Clever'.
    Basically they took a stock lever and then redrilled and channelled it to give a larger friction point. When I first started riding on a brand new XVS650 it took a few months for my left hand to get used to the clutch and strain it would put on it. It would ache after any reasonable length ride. If I was still on the 650 it's something I would probably have tried.
    I know this doesn't directly help you, but changing the clutch cable locating point ( and leverage point ) may ease the pressure on your finger.
    In the meantime, go to a doctor and get it checked to see if it's something that should be fixed or not.
  9. Failing the auto option, if you bought a bike with hydraulically actuated clutch, you ought to be able to find a replacement cylinder somewhere with a different size bore for reduced effort.