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Running out of gas on the bridge

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Unconnected, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. #1 Unconnected, Mar 6, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2013
    So, was riding home from uni today, only the first day of using my contour as CCTV for the bike when commuting (on yesterdays commute i decided not to record it because i couldn't be bothered, car nearly merged ontop of me, so i decided, better make use of it)

    anyway, i was originally going to ask for pointers about my general road craft, and obviously feel free to post them, i was riding as normal in this video, potentially questionable filtering etc included.

    However after what happens in the video, i thought it was more just funny to watch me run out of gas on the bridge, and hear me begging my bike to keep going to get me over the crest of the hill.

    Anyway enjoy the video and my desperate cries for my bike to keep going.

    Moral of the story, reserve = go directly to servo, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Also this can serve as a bit of an example to the quality of the new contour +2 camera. i rate it pretty good, was filming in 720p mode.

    EDIT: skip to 10min unless you want to see a video of me riding though glebe with out incident.

    EDIT2: also like to say a big thanks to the copper who didnt fine my mate for driving urego'd (one day late) when he came to get me, good use of discretion and he let us drive it up to his house to swap cars (just a km or so up the road)
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  2. You've just confirmed my suspicions. Shit happens when you use a camera.
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  3. Right glove on first, how do you sleep at night:)
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  4. What sort of bike runs on gas?
    Did you get a professional conversion done somewhere?
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  5. I was trying to keep the thread title as short as possible, sorry if it confused your small mind.
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  6. Did you get a fine? I was under the impression that they fine you for running out of petrol on the Harbour Bridge.
  7. Not the first YouTube video I've seen someone run out of fuel and roll to the exact same place. One of the shops at that intersection should sell bottles of petrol Asia style and charge $20 for 600ml.
  8. I reckon the mechanic a couple doors down could have sorted you out a litre.
  9. Nah blaise i avoided that because i got off the motorway, i think the fine is for stopping on the bridge for any reason, like breaking down or an accident even, if they have to bust out the orange tow trucks your screwed i think.

    To be honest if i had run out properly i think i would have been run down long before they could have written me any tickets.

    EDIT: yeah there are a few mechs up there and probably could have helped but i had a mate who just lives around the corner, i also dont live that far away, so just got a lift home to get a jerry and then filled up and sorted myself out. The mechs were plan b, with nrma in plan c.
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  10. Really? So if you buy a brand new vehicle, drive it over the bridge and it dies...they cop a fine? That's a bit unfair if it's true! I understand if you stop on the bridge due to running out of fuel, but if it's a pure chance of a car breaking down...that's a bit much.
  11. im really not sure of the specifics, its never happened to me before, all i know is that if they bust out the orange tow trucks you end up with a big fine, they might call it a towing fee, but its pretty much a fine of at least a few hundy as far as i know. Would be good if anyone had actual experience about this but yeah, as i said, i rkn i would have been hit by several cars. If my bike hadnt given me that boost of power when i downshifted i would have been screwed.
  12. "I'll tell you where the hwy is if you tell me where the nearest petrol station is!!"
  13. They do, it's called Red Bull. :ROFLMAO:

    Someone should Geo-Cache a Petrol container hidden in that area. Once you use it, you refill and return it.
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  14. Ahh right...well lets hope a break down never happens on there!

    I have had a similar issue on the Westgate Bridge in Vic. ran out of fuel on the uphill climb but managed to make it over the crest and roll it down to the petrol station on the bottom of the hill by putting it in neutral. Lucky you managed to get it off the motorway...surprised you didn't pull the clutch in though to gain more speed going downhill seeing as all the other cars were flying past you!

    BTW, video footage is pretty good with the bright sunlight.
  15. LOL, nice way to go through a roundabout when you reach North Sydney. With that kind of anticlockwise riding you're ready to tour Europe now.
  16. yeah im aware i went the wrong way through the round a bout, i also went the wrong up a one way street, i didnt really get much choice. it was the only downhill path available to me, as you can see from the video i made sure there were no cars in the area before i went through it.
  17. Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do...
  18. fuel - two extra letters and avoiding a massive americanism.
  19. GAS ....... FUEL

    3 versus 4
    Now I'm confused:confused:
  20. Ha, silly me, one extra letter :) Thanks HB