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running out of fuel = problems

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wheeler84, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. The obvious thing to do is to ride until the main tank runs dry, then switch it over before you conk out. I have found that invariably the main tank runs dry mid corner - probably because the fuel swishes to one side.

    I'm not sure if this is due to a slight oversight in my fuel tank design (cbr250rr) or whether all bikes do this, but to me it represents a pretty big problem - losing power mid corner sucks!

    So the question is does this happen on most bikes? I generally switch to reserve when i'm getting close to empty at the expense of having to take a bit of a punt as to how many k's i'll get.
  2. know how many kms you get on a tank and fill up before you get there.
  3. i fill up before i ever hit reserve.
    simple really.
    no risks required.

    one day i'll actually run it dry and see what i get to reserve, and then what that gets me.
    but with 280kms and still yet to reach reserve, im pretty sure i can find a servo in that time :)
  4. I know that I get 170-200km before hitting reserve depending on what kind of riding i've been doing.. but because I only fill up about every 10 days it's hard to recall exactly what kind of riding i've been doing.

    For example sometimes I do 10km downhill on one of my favourite runs a couple of times a week, other times I might just fang around town.

    There is also a laziness factor that dictates "i'll fill up next next" on occasions.

    Does anyone else experience fuel starvation mid-corner on a low tank - but when you straighten up you'll be back on?
  5. yep thats correct if you doing twisties and you are very low in petrol everytime you lean the bike struggle and cuts out.

    I learned that the hard way when i did Nasho by myself. I thought the bike was overheating cause it was cutting out. Then i tried not to lean so much and keep a straight line even cutting to opposing lane eventually made it to the nearest servo