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Running mis-matched tyres = end of the world

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by UDLOSE, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. I bought an R1 about 3 months ago and it came with different tyres on the front and rear but in good condition. It had a Pilot Pure front and Dunlop Sportsmart rear, both are supposed to be decent model tyres in their own rights. I've always been warned against running different tyres and it makes sense. When I bought the bike I questioned the owner about it and he said he noticed absolutely no difference when he put a different front on.

    This was my first superbike, I've never been a fan of the thous and I expected it to handle worse than the 600s and 250 supersport bikes that I'm used to. I hardly rode for the last 1.5 years due to a court case I was in the middle of (dangerous driving/riding) and only did 2 trackdays in that time so I figured I was rusty which I definitely still am. I also had been riding a vtr1000f which handles terribly and is a different riding style so I figured that had also messed with my head.

    Basically the bike handled like total crap (as bad or worse than the VTR) but I kept working on my style to try and master the bike and got to the point where I could kind of run at a decent pace but I felt like I was pushing so hard and too close to the limit for the pace I was doing. It was getting overwhelming to the point where I was scared riding quickly. I just thought that's what thousands are like and the guys who ride them as quick as 600s must have gigantic balls. I was seriously thinking that I've l lost my nerve and questioning weather to sell the bike or give up riding.

    Till I put a new set of tyres on (Pirelli supercorsa SPs), it's a completely different bike now, it feels like a million bucks and does everything I expect it to. Even little things like changing lanes used to be tedious, now the bike just falls into the corners like a feather.

    I've only done one proper mountain ride but already I'm starting to go back to riding my own style and do things he way I want. It's hard undoing all the bad things that I learnt trying to ride around the problems.

    The noticeable problems were the tyres coming up to temp at different times, the tyres always seemed to be fighting eachother hitting a imperfection on the road would make it track all over the place and the geometry difference between the tyres was obvious when I saw the new pair fitted - the new front was smaller in diameter and the rear appears taller with a way steeper profile.

    All I can say without any doubt now is that running mis matched tyres is the end of the world. I waited till I wore them out to put a new set on but it wasn't worth the wait, I'm lucky I didn't bin it on those other tyres.

    Ps; mods if this is in the wrong place can you just move the post instead of ruining the thread with abuse, threats and negativity. Thx

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  2. The tyres could have something to, but I doubt it was thefactthey weren't the same brand. Glad you got it sorted whatever the hell it was
  3. 1821 posts and you STILL can't post to the correct forum?? We are not your slaves don't be so lazy.
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