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"running lights" mod

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MaxBiker, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. it's a little early, and I have no photo evidence. but last night I successfully converted my hazard light switch into a "running light" switch.

    By running light, i mean: when you turn the key to the on position your headlight, tail light, parking light, and license plate light all come on.

    now, with what i have done that all stays off until i turn it on.

    the hazards don't work any more, but they where useless anyway.

    the brake lights still work, and the normal turn signals still work.

    I had to wire in a different relay from ebay


    now, the reason there aren't photos yet:
    1: i only made it a temp install to make sure it worked correctly and Im happy with it.
    2: i didn't have the time to install a whole bunch of waterproof connectors.
    3: not many people have the same bike as me on here, so it might not really be that useful anyway.

    now, I will be making it more permanent soon. pics to come.

  2. Ok... why?
  3. 1: easier to start with all the lights off.
    2: the lights will last twice as long since they wont be on for half my commute each day.
    3: i see no point in wasting the power during the day when no one can see them anyway.
    4: I think it looks lame to have your headlights on during daylight hours.
  4. isn't it.....Illegal to not the lights on on the motorbike at all times? pretty sure this has been discussed recently.
  5. It was made a legal requirement to have your headlights on at all times, hence why there's no way to turn them off
  6. the ADR rescinded that requirement for all bikes once they realized it had no impact on safety. but since other countries still require it, it is cheaper for the manufacturer to make the bikes as smiler as possible across all countries.
    and anyway, who cares if it is illegal. there are thousands of bikes out there that have illegal mods, what is one more going to matter?
  7. Fair enough.
  8. It's kind of weird having the lights on all the time in my opinion too, but since I never see them while I'm riding I don't care enough to do anything about, plus being on an all-black bike with all-black gear I feel a tad safer
  9. But isn't looking lame a good compromise for the possibility of being safer?
  10. ...why is it hard to start the bike with lights on?
  11. guys....they hyo rider has made up his mind....he's obviously set in his ways but he's come here to tell/describe his mod and will upload picture's in time - it's upto each individual if they wish to pursue the same idea but hopefully not many will.
  12. The real question is Lights on all the time safer or not. I would say in some situations it is, and in some it isn't. Low sun behind you then it is not safer, it reduces your contrast from the surround. In low light or restricted visibility it is safer to have them on. The OP has a choice.

    There is no current requirement in ADRs for the headlight to be on permanently.
  13. first off, what does it matter that I'm a hyo rider? why point that out in a conversation having nothing to do with bike makes??? Just cuz I'm not a guy with lots of money hanging around so I can buy a Ducati and let it sit in the shed 50 weeks out of the year because it is too cold or wet, I get to be called out? I ride because I enjoy it. I don't care what i ride as long as it gets me from point a to point b safely.

    I am sharing info for others who might like or apreciate it and have an adult disscusion about it, if you are not one of those people and just sit on this forum to bag others, then keep your comments to yourself and bother some other people who enjoy it.

    now, for the other questions:

    No, my bike does not have a pre-start light kill switch. I'm 100% sure

    As for safty, I agree. If the weather should get bad, I will be turning my lights on. that is why i put a switch easily accessable while riding. During a brite day, no one is going to even notice I have a headlight, they will probably notice the sun glaring off my farings before they notice anything else. its just the way it is. honestly, it doesn't matter if I had spotlights shining into their windows, no one will ever notice me. I pay attention to everyone and expect the worst from them. that is what a rider needs to do.

    Now, if no one cares about this post other than to tell me how stupid this idea is, I will leave it at that, and not bring the subject up again.

  14. well that pushed the right buttons
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  15. I don't like the idea. I am prone to forgetting important things like turning lights on.

    It is useful if your battery is a bit on the low site when cold cranking though I guess, I would prefer to have a time switch fitted rather than ON/OFF.

    Either way I vote for lights on all the time, cheers.
  16. Fish in a barrel mate
  17. My question is still valid IMO. If your bike is hard to start with head lights on, there may be an underlying issue with your electrics which could become worse later down the track. Could dead coil, bad spark plugs, leads stuffed, dying batter, etc.
  18. I believe that it is illegal to sell a new motorcycle that doesn't have the headlight hard-wired on.

    It is not illegal to change that once you have purchased the bike.
  19. Thanks, I stand corrected! As you were OP :)
  20. If having a headlight running during the day is really a power problem for you, i suggest a simple mod: Wire the output from your r/r directly to your battery (but put a 30A fuse inline with your positive line). Its a mod that almost every bike charging system can benefit from. Im about to do it to my bike too when i get my replacement r/r, bumps the voltage at the battery from ~13.5v to ~14.7v.