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Running KDX200

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by LostWallet, May 26, 2016.

  1. Sometime last year I picked up Uncle Greg's old KDX200. It ran, sort of, and was in pretty good condition if you looked past the 2 year old layer of dust.

    So i took it/her/him home to continue the project that greg had started. Decided that the first place to start would be a wash, and that would give me a chance to look over the bike a bit more. after a decent wash the next stage would be to figure out why it only sort of run, the answer- the kill switch wasn't properly grounded. simple stuff. The wiring loom however, wasn't. I took one look at the bike and the loom and gave up before i started. sent the bike off to Scotties in ringwood with the instruction to 'take your time, i have another bike'.

    Now she runs!

  2. fark
    sounds awesome mate
    its gona fcuking fly
    have you ridden it yet?
  3. nah, i have to pay for it first. mechanics have though, both said it ran really well. maybe next time im there il take a helmet
  4. total ground up rebuild
    every fcuking nut and bolt
    port polish forged piston matched to new nicaseal
    pipe gutted and re welded
    mid range read valve
    did you retain the pvl ignition ?
    or return it to stock?
  5. nah, returned to stock. im a slow rider so the lightweight flywheel aint my style. asides for the wiring loom, it was just a carby clean and fiddling with the air screw, and bleeding the brakes
  6. how much did it cost you in the end mate?
  7. put an extra $1300 into it, no big deal. poor timing though, going on a 4 month trip before i get a chance to ride it proper
  8. so you picked up a better than new 200 2stroke for under 3and a half?
    glad it all worked out
    if the screaming biatch red daytona hadn't come on the scene i would of finished the bike off
    wish you all the best with it mate