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running in new bike - your thoughts

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. guys in your life time of driving cars and riding bikes.....you would have come accross examples of the same model vehicle, same engine, same transmission, but one runs real sweet, and the other 'identical' example just runs ok.

    soem people say a country car/bike will run better thans a city one because it is used to high revving. soem will say that if you baby a brand new engine while its brand new, it will never really run as good as one that has been run in hard.

    in the last 20 years i have had 2 'babied from new cars' and about 4 'country' cars. the 2 babied from new ones, never revved out without protest. the others revved their tits off, including my current vehicle, VE holden.

    i now have my first brand new vehicle ever. Suzuki M50. it is a cruiser, but i want it to rev, and get used to high revving.

    what are your thoughts?

  2. Not exactly what you asked for, as I cannot really comment on what's better for engines but:


    They're rubbish for the first 100kms or so. Especially in the wet.
  3. I just recently bought a new GSX-R 1000. Sales bloke told me to keep it under 6k for the first 1500kms.

    Im pretty sure i had to do the same thing for my old Ninja 250 as well.
  4. varying loads at up to 70% of max revs and try to avoid constant loads at the same rpm. do it for the first 1000km, drop the oil and spin a new filter on and just ride the thing.
  5. not true.

    The "running in" is done to your engine within the first 50 kms (even less) I dropped the oil out of my new gixxer after I rode it home, then again after 200kms, then took it in for its 1000k stamping of the book.

    My idea of running in an engine is to run it HARD, under a HARD load to seat the piston and rings.

    If you run it in soft, then you'd better run it soft for the rest of its life otherwize BOOM.

  6. I've flogged them out of the crate and babied them for 500k's.
    I have not blown a top or bottom end in fifteen years.

    Try to avoid bogging down the bottom end. That is a big no no for them.
    Vary the revs. Um you can go down or up a gear. You don't have to break the law.

    WATCH THE TEMP. Don't let it get real hot. No over 110c for the first few rides. Shut it down if you have to but keep the fan running so ignition still on in traffic. Don't let it idle for long periods when new. You might let it get hot and glaze the rings or bore.

    I do the oil @500k's and then the regular service @1000.
    Before I dump the oil @500 I will give the top end a little work out. Then I will inspect the oil very well that I dump for larger pieces of shavings (metal) If there is too much or quite a chunk I take it and the bike back to the shop for a please explain?

    It's not just the motor. The tyres, chain...BRAKES. If you want your brakes to work well land last bed them in nice and slowly. Ease that pressure onto them.