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Running in boots.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murchy, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Had to run about a km to catch a train this morning after dropping my bike off for a service - first time I've been forced to do so wearing my boots.

    I didn't even realise some of these muscles in my lower legs even existed, let alone could feel this painful.

  2. what boots? Mine are more comfortable than shoes. Only issue is my feet get hot if wearing them too much (unless riding of course... air flow and all that).
  3. I got some RJay's boot-shoe hybrid things which are amazing.

    I could so run in them. I just chose not to.
  4. ermm my sidi's aren't that much fun to wear around... comfy as on the bike, but sitting in a lecture today i couldn't help but think "jesus, what am i protecting my feet against right now? Is it worth the suffering!!??!"

    Running is fine for short periods but i'm not about to run a marathon in them.
  5. I hate my Sidi's outside of riding. Most times i carry spare shoes with me if I know i'm doing something else...
  6. ..I have Sidi's too!... and I ain't running in them!!...

    ....My other half found a rather novel use for them tho:

    Flower Vase!!.... =D> Top marks for ingenuity!!

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  7. I have Sidis as well and they are not very nice to walk/run in but on the bike they are perfect.
  8. Geez, if you ever see me running you know the laxatives are workin'!!
  9. Motorbike boots are generally garbage footwear, full stop. I think that shoe companies offload their dud designs onto us, changing us premium rates for the privilege.
    A motorbike boot that you can walk in . . . don't see it ever happening.
  10. Oh christ. I dread the day I've gotta walk home after something goes wrong in my MX boots.. They lock your heel in, so best you can manage is a crook shuffle :(

    Getting 20M from the bike > toilet> bike is a chore.. Let alone having to walk a few kays home... Think I'd probably bare the rocks etc and just carry the darn things. Theyre that hard to move in. Swear though.. Things have saved my ankles a couple of times I think!
  11. If can run in them dont expect them to do much for you besides abrasion resistance in a slide.
  12. Bunch of softies! Cliff Young did the Sydney-Melbourne marathon in his gumboots when he was an old codger. The young people today... Soft I say! The lot of you! :cheeky:
  13. Well, provided the boots allow up and down only and have good armor in the ankle, they would be excellent in a crash.

    Its the sideways movement that a rider experiences in a crash. Having no vertical mobility affects braking and changing gears.

    I can't run in mine. I can barely walk in them. However, they are super comfy to ride in :D
  14. Yeah they have vertical movement at the toes for braking/changes. thats not a problem, its at your ankle when you walk that causes the problem. The boots though are super comfy and an ease to use, They just don't allow you to use them for jogging (HAHAHA).

    yeah in a crash they should hold up real good, steel plate stuff around the front, steel around the back (which makes a slightly disturbing 'CLICK CLICK CLICK' when i do walk in them!)

    Yeah they're a good purchase but if i wanted to use the bike for getting to places around town probably road riding boots would be a more practical option!
  15. My a* smx4 boots are very comfy to walk in. One trick I learnt is once I get to work I unzip them then do the calf Velcro back up much looser than normal, that makes them even nicer to walk in.
  16. I've been thinking of purchasing the smx2's - they're the shorty version of the 4's. I wanted to purchase them to stay on during work hours - as sometimes i need safety style boots.

    Are they that comfortable to be worn around all day?
  17. Yeh I reckon so!
  18. If you think that's bad, try running in MX boots. It's like running with no ankles.