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Running In And The Big Trip

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. As detailed in another thread, I'm at least contemplating the idea of flying to Melbourne to buy a brand new SV650 then riding it home to Brisbane. Having read a few of the 'running in' threads here, and just from my own knowledge, though, I know that flogging it at a buck twenty for 18 hours up the Hume and the Pacific is not the ideal start for a new engine.

    I could spend a bit longer and ride around Melbourne for a day or so, then go up the coast road to Sydney, taking a bit longer bit with more twisties and more speed variation.

    The other alternative (which would cost a couple of hundred bucks more and be less fun) is just to get it shipped up here.

  2. if you have the time, ride it yourself,

    a true bonding experience between you and your new love
  3. Long trips aren't the best way to run a bike in.

    The key is to heat it up to operating temp and cool it down again a number of times, gently heat cycling it until the various bits bed in and sort themselves out.
  4. Like, a day doing cafe-to-cafe in Melbourne? ;)
  5. well, if you are going the coast road, there is always spare room at mogo for a night :)
  6. Hey Bravus, a buck 20 might be stretching it but probably better than over revving it through the twisties.
  7. Yep have a smoko break every hour or so.
  8. bravus take some extra time of in melbourne if you can and do the spurs to run the b!tch in, just remember if you decide to ride it home you will be covering nearly 2000k's if not more, well and truely past due for first service, so running it thru some of vic's more finer roads and getting it serviced before you leave is a must
  9. Yeah, I'm actually thinking that with the flight, transport around Melbourne, fuel, food and time off work, it might be better just to get it shipped up here if I buy it. Keep letting me know what you think, though. And thanx joel for the kind offer.
  10. You would have to be mad to ride it new that far, and add the costs you already considered.

    Get it shipped, will cost <$500
  11. Yeah but what an adventure! But a new bike might be asking for dramas???
  12. nah too much hassle,
    get it shipped
  13. Part of the advantage of buying a brand new bike is getting to choose exactly how you want it broken in. There's a couple of schools of thought on this, but neither involves sitting at a constant speed for any period of time.

    Do some research on breaking in a bike, then ship it up. ;)