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Running-In a Triumph Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by siddant, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I recently bought a brand new daytona 675. I did read the manual which says dont keep at a constant throttle.

    I want to ensure that am doing the right thing and hence seeking advice here on how to do it.

    Atm heres what I do.
    - No freeway riding at all.

    - I change frist to second at 4000RPM or roughly about 30-40kph and then second to third at 4000RPM and keep in third if the speed limit is 60kph. I changed the remaining gears always keeping at 4000RPMs

    - I constantly return the throttle to zero and go back to the previous throttle position and keep doing it non-stop.

    Does that sound about right?. Am I doint it completely wrong?

    Thanks for any help

  2. My advice. Don't try to ride it an any special way. Just ride it normally, but avoid highway droning. Other than that, you'll be fine.
  3. ride it like you stole it....
  4. :0 :shock: One night on a 996 and you're utterly corrupted!!!
  5. +1

    Just ride it as you normally would, just avoid droning along at the same revs. It is also ok to take it for a quick squirt to the higher rpms occasionally during its run in. Basically just don't thrash it's nuts off.
  6. +1

    Modern Engine Break in is all about the Piston Ring Seal. I broke in my old gixerr on the Autobhan straigh out of the shop. Dont hold a constant RPM.

    Then changed the oil and filter after about 30km when i got home. I sold it to a mate in Germany and its still going strong after 94K.
  7. Just follow the sticker on the tank. It's good to give it a bit of load, but avoid high rev's. It's also got special oil in for run in.

    Do whatever with it after the 1st service.
  8. I wouldn't follow the sticker on the tank.
    I tried with mine. At the top revs they recommend for the first period the first time on the highway I nearly got run over the top by a semi!

    Ride it normally without labouring it, letting it sit too long at constant revs, and like people said, don't rev it too hard for the first few hundred km's. After the oil change, start to gradually increase the revs until you begin riding it normally. I reckon they are run in within the first 500km myself.

    In motorsport for cars, the saying is run them hard, they stay fast, run them in slow, they stay slow.
  9. There are stacks of articles relating to this run-in method on the net, and frankly IMO, they make a valid point. I've just never had the guts to try this method out for myself. Just can't bring myself to do it for some reason?

    Basically, I don't get to worried about it, I just ride it like normal. Give it heaps, just don't thrash it.
    Most important factor for me is frequent oil changes during the break in.
  10. Just ride it like you stole it, I took my 675 to eastern creek track day when it only had 20km on it. And rode the hell out of it. I've hit the rev limiter multiple times and I didn't baby it around. But if you do it this way change your oil and oil filter often. The oil will be full of metal shavings. I've also set my personal best lap time that day.

    Following week I took it to easter creek again and flogged the hell out of it. I've dropped the oil at the end of the day and the oil looked virtually brand new.

    Lookup mototune break in.
  11. This is a little known but sure fire method for running in bikes, so don’t tell anyone.

    1. Rev it until just before the red line with the clutch in and front brake on hard.
    2. Quickly release the clutch until the smoke coming off the rear tyre makes it impossible for you to see your hand in front of your face.
    3. Release the front brake and when the front wheel is in the clouds snap the throttle shut.
    4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 until the rear tyre emits a loud bang and the steering head bearings make a clunking sound.

    Patent number 5499876 pending.
  12. +1 Will try this on my next bike.
  13. As long as the engine is warmed up, ride it however you like. Preferably ride it pretty hard, load it up and rev it out. Just don't hold it it a constant rpm/speed for too long - ie. highway travel. To ensure a good combustion chamber seal it is important to load the engine up. The cylinder pressure is what pushes the rings into the bore, so for them to bed in well, while the cross hatch on the cylinder walls is most effective at taking the high spots off the rings, you should run it pretty hard, early on.
  14. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm

    these methods work. i know of several motors that were broken in using the "street" method, and they've gone on to do track days with only 100-200km on them!

    personally, i'd run a new bike in on the dyno.
  15. I followed the Mototune method and it has made a big difference. My mate and I both bought the same bike. He followed the dealers instructions, I ride it like I stole it. Now we both have 2000ks on the bike and mine is a rocket compared to his.

    Really depends on whether you are willing to risk a bad experience.