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Running in a new bike ???

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ascottaudio, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all.

    I though that I was doing the right thing by running my new Z1000 in by following the owners manual instructions (keep it under 4 thou for 800 K)

    But now I just came across this:


    And Im not sure what to do as it virtually says the exact opposite of the owners manual.

    As well as saying you should run the engine hard this guy also advises to do an oil change after the first 20 k's !..and to use non synthetic oil for 1500 miles..

    I have only just used a tank of fuel on the new bike (about 150 K's) ..and now don't know what my next move should be ..the logic of what is in this article seems to make some sense.

    I want to do the right thing and would appreciate any thoughts anyone has about this.


  2. All of the "damage" has already been done to the piston/ bore by now.

    Change the oil asap and ride it like you stole it.

    I never understood the standard factory line to leave oil in a bike for its first 1000kms, I always change new eggine oil after about 50kms, again at about 100/150, then again at 500, then 1000 after that I stick to the approx factory service schedules.
  3. If you saw how high the rev some bikes when they are in the factory you would scoff at the owners manual of how to run a bike in.
    The Motoman way of breaking in a bike is a method that many people use and swear by it.
    I have had friends break bikes in on a dyno straight off the factory floor but at the end of the day, it's your pride and joy and your hard earned cash so do there is no problem with going by the owners manual for peace of mind.

  4. streetmaster has the same bike, ask him, personally I'd suggest you DONT run it into a wall, nor a car, nor a pole, nor a tree.. But what woudl I know :)
    They are a nice bike, good choice..
  5. Change the oil and filter now. Then @ 1000.
    Don't lag the motor in the bottom end and don't valve bounce it.
    There pretty good and very rarely blow no matter how you treat them. To run it in well you are looking for longevity in the motor. Change the oil and filter.
    Easeyour brakes on too. Don't squeeze the life out of them at a stop. Bedding in the pads and rotors properly makes a huge diff in brake performance and pad life.
    It's new so you want to check fluid levels, tyres and your chain often for the first month or two.
    Leave the suspension alone for the first 500k's at least. Well unless your freaky in height or weight