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Running hot CBR 250RR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by champ007, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Question, I have had my CBR 250RR for a couple of weeks. when riding in the city stop starting, the temp guage registers at about 75%, yet when riding in the open it registers around 25%. The shop said that this was normal but I need to hear from anyone who has thoughts on this. Any would be appreciated.

  2. Sounds pretty normal to me. Bikes need to move to stay cool. If it gets too hot, a fan should cut in to help cool it down.
  3. yep sounds standard, same as my fzr250, which stickers and some things aside are essentially the same bike
  4. If you have coolant in the system that's normal. If not then somethings really going well for you. The boiling temp of water is 100C. Antifreeze raises that to about 115C. Based on that I'd say you're not even trying to over heat the thing. 8)
  5. This is totally normal. The temp gauge is the coolant temp. The coolant is cooled by the radiator when air passes through it. On the freeway at 160km/h :eek: ohhhh, I meant 100 off'cr a the radiator is being cooled by a lot of air. In the city it's not being cooled, hence the radiator fan will kick in.
    As long as you have enough coolant and the radiator fins arn't all bent everything's fine. The bike won't have a constant coolant temp like a car because it dosn't have a thermostat.

    My radiator fan kicks in at about 75%. Nice in winter :wink:
  6. +1


  7. Are you for real??
    No way are they the same apart from configuration!
    The CBR is a much better bike by far!!
    Better engine, better handling, better brakes, better tyre choices etc...
    But maybe you just meant that they are the same in classification, ie. 4 cylinder 4 stroke 250.

    And yes, it is normal for the engine to get hot in heavy traffic. Like someone else said, the engine needs moving cool air to keep from running too hot.
  8. Haha Roy, yeah I didn't mean they were "the same" I just meant that they are both 4 pot screamers with essentially the same engine characteristics. Tiny bore short stroke high revs and run hot. Don't worry I'm on your side I'd gladly trade my fzr in for a cbr if I had the choice again the handling is shockin, even if it is supposedly faster.
  9. And it's funny - even with all those advantages most CBR250 riders are slow. ;)
  10. Temperature fluctuation is normal for your bike, however your bike does have a thermostat, it sits below the fuel tank, if your really worried pull out the thermo and throw it in a saucepan of water and boil it and see what temp it opens at.
  11. Well...
    I have both bikes! I've got a Yamaha FZR250 3LN-5 and an 88' MC19 (And I've ridden MC22 and the like). There's no way that the CBR is a better bike than the Yamaha. The 3LN5 is faster, handles better and stops equally fast, funnily it is also 100 times more stable on the road regardless of the smaller back tire.

  12. Hahah I guess that will make a few people quiet!
  13. It's normal....

    Mine does excatly the same thing...
  14. sounds very normal, only time you should be worried is when the cibby start spitting out coolant & your temp gage hits the red zone.
  15. Mine does the same. I do alot of city start stop riding and hasnt been a problem so far......
  16. As long as it doesn't go into the red, don't worry about it. The fan should kick in just before the red. Pull over when it gets really hot, leave the engine running, and put your hand near the opening on the left? side of your fairing to feel if hot air is being blown out. Mine would get a couple of mm off the red section in summer if I was in traffic, but never went over.
  17. On sort of the same note, does anyone know where i can get a new thermostat for my early 90's cbr250rr?
    Should have said i am in QLD

  18. Is this Monday's TROLL question?
  19. no, i have a faulty thermostat on my bike and am trying to find out where i can get a new one in qld.
    have i asked the wrong thing or in the wrong area?
  20. I owned one that did the same thing - they all do it.