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Running gaming consoles through a tv tuner

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by evilooliver, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys :)
    I'm getting a new laptop soon (Duo 2.2, 4gb ram etc) and ive read it has a built in (not usb) Tv tuner. Considering im also getting a 22" lcd to go with the lappy, i thought it could be cool to have the old Nintendo 64 in the dorm room. Some people say there will be a 1 second delay (due to processing speed), others say the opposite. Whats your take on this? have you got a similar setup? Obviously n64 has 3 RCA cords, the sound would stream through my external hi fi system.
    Comments appreciated.
    Cheers all.

    PS - considering im buying all this stuff, im thinking on the cheap for the 64. Am i dreaming? or could it actually work? :wink:

  2. You only want to run the N64 through the 22" LCD so some sort of digital or analogue to RCA (yellow video) will do the trick. No RF converter needed if it's set up with RCA connections.
  3. hmm im looking through my jaycar catalogue right now. So you reckon i can just bypass the whole tuner all together? I didnt think RCA to 15pin LCD screen out adapters had been invented.

    I found this sort of thing, http://www.aver.com/mpd/tvbox7+rb_lgview.jpg , but it looks quite expensive (about $100)

    I think imight drop by jaycar and see what they have got to offer.
  4. you can convert RCA (CVBS) to VGA. But it wont be cheap. An Iscan Pro will do the trick. I got one floating around somewhere you could have for $100. Converts video,s-video and component video to VGA.

    Alternatively, maybe look in to a video capture device for your laptop. All you need is an analogue input into your pc. On a desktop this is easily done. Not sure about lappys tho. Jaycars video to VGA convertor for $99 would definately be the go. You wont be able to do it much cheaper than that me thinks.
  5. I was thinkin of getting myself a compro e650, with a composite in, for the exact same purpose. I have heard of the lag thing myself, but imo, all I can do is try it, if it works, cool, if it doesn't, I haven't lost any money cuz i was going to get it anyways. But its an expense that will have to wait until after the bdo.
  6. I thought your laptop would come with an anologue in cable anyway, a yellow composite to svideo or similar, the laptop I am writing this from did.

    The just put the white and red to your amp
  7. My 24" Dell has composite in and I'm sure you can get an N64 to composite cable...

    EDIT: I meant composite :)
  8. yeah not the new ones these days. My old laptop (toshiba satellite) did, my curent (toshiba portege a200) and my new one both won't have it.
    Thanks for the ideas guys, im going to jaycar tomorrow anyway.
  9. Dont forget you can pick up used TV's for chicken feed these days.
    This may be a cheaper option and you know it will work without any lag or LCD motion issues.
  10. yeah someone also mentioned that one to me, imple but effective idea. :)
    Ok thanks guys, ill have a look around. At the end of the day its just a '64 :grin: