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Running from the Police

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kaer, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. On Saturday, me and Lana were off to the Blue Mountains for New Years.

    Lana's already gone to the car, and I'm walking out the front door of the apartment building with my bag. Two cops walking up the front pavement.

    I hold the door open for them and say g'day. One of them goes, "Is apartment 15 in here?". I respond, "Number 27? Yep".

    Then I walk away. 3 seconds later, I remember that's my apartment.

    Do I turn around and go back? Nope, I hightail it to the car, jump in, proceed to tell Lana the cops are after me and to drive.

    About 15 minutes later, I then start to think, why the hell are the cops visiting for. Then I think there's 2 of us in the apartment, why would they necessarily be after me?

    I then spend the rest of the trip to the blue mountains plus the next couple of hours worrying about this. (And giving Lana a headache).

    Then I thought maybe someone had died and they were coming over to give us that news. Which prompted a flurry of mobile phone calls (okay, actually Lana called up her Mum, but that was it. I was too cheap to spring for a call to Brisbane on the mobile).

    In this situation you start to magnify all past indiscretions. Did the bloke I yelled at last week have a heart attack? Was my fang down the RNP on Wednesday a little too spirited? And so on.

    Calmed down after having a few drinks on sat night.

    Get back to the apartment on Monday around 12. There's a little note under the door. "Please contact Senior Constable such and such at this number. It's about an accident".

    What accident? Now I'm worried that maybe I caused an accident and didn't notice.

    Call up the cop shop, the Senior Constable isn't on duty until 7. Great, 6 more hours to stress about it.

    Finally call him up. Heart racing. It's about the accident I had on the Harbour Bridge, 6 frigging months ago. Because I checked myself into hospital and they took blood, they have to take a statement and file a police report. Told him what happened, said all fine. I do have to do a statement though, and he'll come over this Saturday to do that.

    Yes, I know if I stuck around on Saturday I could have sorted it all out. And yes I know running from the police is probably the sign of a guilty conscience, and I've been a very good boy for the last decade or so, but bugger it, if the cops showed up unannounced again tomorrow, I'd probably still do the Harold Holt.
  2. Lucky you were able to dispose of the corpse in the Blue Mountains just on time.
  3. You'd drown? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. Hahaha the Harold...

    My brother used to do the ole Harold from restaurants. It was virtually a sport for him and his mates. Thank god he's grown up, I picked up a few tabs when I was unwilling to join them.

    Hahaha :LOL:
  5. I wonder if the person turning up is also the same person who asked you where the apartment was. If so you might have some explaining to do to a pissed off police officer :D
  6. I reckon you did the right thing.
    I mean, think of the possibility for delaying or ruining your weekend away!
  7. It will be.

    I'll just pretend he didn't say which apartment he was looking for.

    No biggy. (I hope)
  8. Good on ya mate.. I rekon you did the right thin,

    Anyways cops are not always that friendly, trouble you for small things like wheeling on a deserted road close to midnight. I wish I could report cops for speeding and faking red lights. :p
  9. I saw a guy on a bike do a runner in Stkilda yesterday , Dont know what he did wrong , but he was about to pull up on the foot path and he saw the police behind him , just as they were about to grab the back of the bike he was on the gas.

    I would say he is in a hole lot of shit know , They would of had time to get his rego . His mate that was with him just blended with the crowd as you would.

    I love people watching in Stkilda on a sunny day.

    I lost over 4 hours down there yesterday.
  10. you thought someone may have died but werent willing to hand over 40c for a phone call to check :shock:
  11. I think you did the right thing. The only thing the cops do for me is fine me on behalf the Tax Department.
  12. It's not like the situation was going to get any worse with time. :wink:
  13. Hey guys, I saw a cop caby speeding at 80 in a 60 Zone.... Is there a place I can report them to? :grin: