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VIC Running from Police

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Cambo, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Sorry I saw the words herald sun in the link and just couldn't bring myself to waste precious seconds of my life :)

    Have a great day on your bike!

    cheers Michael
  2. Now see wehat you did I went an read it Goddamit. this bloke is a nob of the highest order:

    "After having committed no crime and merely being asked by police to talk to them, I was within my rights to run away," he said.

    "Whilst I can appreciate the challenge that police face in investigating matters when the people they wish to speak to decide to run, there is no legal obligation for someone to remain there if the police have not told them they are under arrest."

    I'm sure it will be addressed upon appeal.

    cheers Michael
  3. Legislation.

    A smart government will introduce a bill making it a legal obligation to submit to a reasonable request by a member of the police force and an equally smart opposition will help it through.
  4. Doesn't this go along the lines of "If I'm not under arrest I'm leaving now" sort of thing? I thought this was fairly fundamental..
  5. Agreed...

    And remember also ppls, this incident is referring to a guy on foot. If you're riding or driving, the Road Safety Act covers failing to stop for police...
  6. I doubt it. Didn't someone on here just recently get in trouble for opening their mouth when they should have kept it shut? Cops want to have their cake and eat it too, don't like it when someone outwits them so they charge the bugger with resisting arrest.
  7. Quoted, 'cause it needs to be read by anyone who hasn't already realised that.
  8. If you read the PDF, it seems the cops charged him with the wrong offence to get a conviction.

  9. Aint nowhere to hide, aint no where to run, cause the helicopter lights are bright as the sun
  10. Hahahahahahah from experience, Hahahahahaha
  11. Really? That doesn't sound right? The law-abiding police doing something illegal? Nahhh....it can't be true... :p

    They are worst than the criminals they are trying to convict, sometimes....just bullies and liars with a badge and gun. This is speaking from first hand experience.
  12. Cops didnt do anything illegal, the guy was charged with resisting police instead of Hindering police. The magistrate said he hindered police but was Charged with resisting police, I read it that if he was charged with hindering, he would have been convicted.
    Which means to me that there is no 'get out of jail free' card.. It also means that next time some drunken idiot runs away from the coppers, They will be charged with hindering and get convicted of it.
    IMO its a one off reprieve, and the next person that tries it will be sorry. Its more about the magistrate making the copper do his paperwork correctly on something small rather than let a 'Real' bad guy loose on a techncality..
  13. I agree foot, that's how I read it too. If he had been charged with hindering police he would have been convicted.

    The police involved will make sure they charge correctly next time.
  14. I wonder if anyone got in trouble for him being drunk? Being drunk in the wrong place can land you a fine if the wrong person sees you, and serving alcohol to an intoxicated person wins you either a ~$600 on the spot fine or a ~$6000 mail in one, plus the bigger one that the licensee gets (if you're caught, and they don't just give you a warning). There may be others, too.

    I'm guessing not, since there probably wouldn't be enough proof for any of them, but still :p.
  15. I was puzzled when I first came to Australia and saw the various "It is illegal to serve drunks" signs in pubs. My internal response was, and still is "Well, what's the point of the bloody pub then?". Yes, yes, I know what the logic and interpretation is but still.........
  16. The bottom line: it almost never is worthwhile to ride away from the cops. You suddenly move from one offence to many serious ones... You'd need to be 100% sure they don't have your plate/description... and all manner of other things can go wrong.

    Smart people stop. Even smarter people don't get caught. The smartest don't break the law... but that's a little too smart for me.
  17. Over react much?
  18. Love it!