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Running for Office - what's your policy?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, May 19, 2005.

  1. If you started a political party, and were trying to attract the motorcyclist vote, what would be some of your whacky platform policies?


    - close reefton to all but motorcycle traffic, remove speed limit :D
    - no tolls ever for bikes :LOL:
    - free subsidised rider training
    - government purchase of phillip island race track
    - paint a motorycle in the bicycle lanes
    - put peter bachelor in a road gang to remove WRB's :LOL:
    - a $50 levy on all car drivers, who cause most bike accidents 8)

    what would you do?

  2. - WRBs replaced with airfences
    - Traffic lights go red >> yellow >> green and flash up your ET 400m down the road :LOL:
    - Lane splitting lanes on freeways (ie. a half width lane in between the 2nd and 3rd lanes)
    - Free, compulsory driver awareness courses for cagers every 3 years that must be passed to keep your license.
  3. Keep the age to ride a motorcycle at 18 years. Raise the limit to learn to drive a car at 20 years. Everyone must ride the m/c for two years before getting their car licence.
    If mature age person wants to get car licence must also ride a bike for two years prior to being able to qualify for car licence.
    Everyone that currently drives a car that has never ridden an m/c for at least two years must get m/c licence and hold it for two years (and do an average of 10000km/year) within a four year period otherwise all other types of licence car/truck/bus are cancelled...:LOL:
  4. subsidise new bikes
    free rego
    wait free onc:D
  5. Mine

    Every Car Driving Learner would be made to do a "Motorcyclist Awareness Course"

    Every car driver would be made to do a "Motorcyclist Aware Course" every 2 years
  6. As Priminister, I get to personally interview all new internships - which will only be female... :eek: :LOL: :LOL:

    Apart from that, I like the idea of the traffic lights being Drag lights with timers.... LEGENDARY IDEA.
  7. Ban 4wd's

    All motorcycle frequented roads closed to all traffic bar motorbikes on Sunday's.

    All motorcycle frequented roads become one way alternating each hour, therefore allowing the whole road to be used. Ie: Reefton spur b/w 10 - 11 can ride up, between 11 - 12 can ride down, and so forth.

    Motorbike only lanes on all roads.

    One long weekend per month for motorcyclists only.

    Extra two weeks annual leave for motorcyclists so we can go touring.

    Cafe Racers shot. :shock:

    Free upgrade to new models for me. :D
  8. Android, you ALMOST had my vote.. The 4x4 thing killed it for me.

    But, I will support you as Vice President...
  9. If I were pm,
    I would rule that only two wheeled vehicles could travel on the roads.
    That would mean that the
    * removal of two wheels (on alternate sides) from every car/4wd/bus immediately.
    * Removal of 4 wheels from tri axled vehicles.
    * Removal of 6 wheels from quad axled vehicles.
    * 18 wheelers have to remove 16 wheels.
    * Aircraft would have to conform in a like manner.
    * Military vehicles would be exempt. It would be hard to stay upright when you are firing a canon.

    Licence testing would compel all candidates to demonstrate that they can pilot any vehicle on only two wheels.

    All seagoing vessels would have to be bi-hulled eg. seacat. Vessels that do not have a power to weight ratio sufficient to pop a mono must be upgraded.

    All 'hot air' balloons have to be fitted with motorcyle engines. The associated fairings should capture enough heat to power a balloon.

    Once per month truck drivers will be allocated an intersection. It will be there job to clean up the oil slicks.

    I'd introduce a tattslotto type system where the lucky winner wins a sponsored motorcycle tour around australia. This will also include free selection of new bike, free air support with food, clothes, beer.

    On account of the fact that bikes are environmentally friendly (except when you run off the road and hit a koala, or a b.celebrity doing some reality show in the bush) bikes will be gst free.

    'In flight fuelling' will be developed for touring bikes.

    Is there anything I missed?
  10. I now formally profess my love for Randy Rider.... YOU ROCK

    Three cheers for the new president..... just dont touch my 4x4....
  11. All new roads must be laid out with a stipulated minimum number of curves.

    "Speed kills" and "wipe off 5" advertising will be replaced by a permanent campaign targetting inattention, in-car distractions (mobile phones, noisy kids, pissed mates etc), tailgating and changing lanes without indicating.

    Anyone found to be playing doof-doof music through their car stereo at 120+dB will have their car impounded and sold at auction (proceeds to fund road improvements), and their ears surgically removed.

    Existing speed humps will be removed forthwith and replaced by state politicians, shackled to the bitumen.

    Large statues of Joey Dunlop will be erected in each capital city's CBD.

    The media will be required to give motorcycle racing the level of coverage currently given to football and cricket. They will be required to give football and cricket the level of coverage currently given to motorcycle racing.

    Police will be excluded from the main street of Cowes during MotoGP and SBK weekends.

    And there's plenty more where that came from...!
  12. Hmmm, all feathered animals will be trained to avoid attacking riders heads.

    Phillip island will be the new capital of Australia.

    Clowns will be granted development funds to enhance the speed of thier monocycles.

    Australia's space program will be granted free access to Hayabusa engines to build a new launcher.
  13. I don’t want to go on about unfeasible pie-in-the-sky stuff, but if I was going for office & had to consider ‘improvements’ to road/traffic/transport legislation, I would consider:
    · Rego fees to be geared to engine capacity. Larger the engine the more the rego. Starting with bugger all for sub 150cc (scooters) to quite a bit for large engine cars/trucks.
    · Lower tariffs surcharges on diesel and LPG over unleaded/premium fuels. Flat tariffs on all fuels types (if any at all possible).
    · No tolls for m/cycles or scooters nationally.
    · Free parking for bikes nationally.
    · Transferable rego between similar vehicles under the same name (ie: you can own multiple bikes but have only one rego as long as you switch the plate & tag to the bike you are currently riding).
    · Removal of speed humps & other traffic measures that utilise pavers, metal plates, heavily painted surfaces. All roundabouts to have positive camber.
    · Undercover m/cycle parking to be provided in built up areas, preference for bikes in undercover parking etc.
    · Gradual reduction in using sharp edged concrete gutters between the road & footpaths/nature strips etc. Replaced with smooth or level road edging.
    · Removal of all roadside wire fences nationally.
    · Incentive for local m’cycle tyre manufacturers.
    · Developments & incentives for locally produced alternative engine configurations for cars/m’cycles. Ie: electric, hybrid, alternative fuels.
  14. Something I wrote up for the hell of it a while ago.

    The below is all on the proviso that lane splitting at 20km/h and below speeds is legal. Also note that catching speeders is not what it's about, it's about catching bad drivers. No radar detectors in the cars. The goal is about catching bad drivers.

    I ride a motorcycle daily, and the number of crazy things that I see drivers do just boggles the mind.

    I've seen drivers putting on their makeup, eating their breakfast, brushing their teeth, shaving and the very common, talking on the mobile phone. Then there are the cars that don't indicate, don't bother to stop at stop signs and my favourite, the ones the decide to cut across all 3 lanes.

    All the above are illegal and are are fineable offenses and if not already, should also be fineable point offenses. How to fix this problem has been puzzling me for a while, but I think I've finally got the solution.

    Bring in bounty hunters. Allow those members of the general public to form 2 man car teams. The passenger has a video camera to catch any traffic offenders, while the driver concentrates on just driving around. Upon capturing the footage of someone breaking the law, they submit that portion of the footage to the RTA for processing. The RTA gets half the fine, and as a reward, the bounty hunter team gets the other half. The offender pays the fine, and more importantly loses the points.

    While there is a cost to the RTA to set this up, it will be self-funding. A licensing/training system could be put into place for would be Bad Driver Hunters. Above all else, the role of the BDH would be passive, observing and reporting on other driver's behaviour.

    We all make mistakes. That's what the point system is about. You have enough points to make the occasional mistake. Make too many and you lose your license. Better you lose your license than you continue to make mistakes and kill someone. Driving carries with it a lot of responsiblity. Because of the daily familiarity we have with our vehicles, we tend to become complacent/overconfident over time. The mere fear of the car behind you recording your every move will make a vast majority of road users, much better drivers. Unfortunately in today's society, a minority of people do whatever the want as long as they know they won't be punished.

    Follow a police car around for 10 minutes. Watch how better behaved all the other traffic is around them. Wouldn't you prefer this everywhere?

    Yes it is intrusive. But you're on a public road behind a vehicle that could kill or seriously injure another human being. We will all be forced to be better driver, and if it reduces the number of accidents, won't that small price be worth it?
  15. i would ban skuffy and his 4x4 from any sealed roads :p and if it were to be taken 4x4'ing it would have to be loaded on a trailer to be taken to said destination. like a track day :D
  16. OK my littel Brother Raffiki.

    When you break down and need someone to tow you home, dont call me.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. 120% speed limit for bikes

    no tolls for bikes

    The dearest green slip (nsw) that an insurance company can sell can be no dearer then the cheapest they offer for cars

    A retailer selling a motorcycle part that is dearer then the car equivalent shall have sandpaper and metho applied to his tesicles. Punishement applies per item

    Vegetarians shall be reabilatated
    Vegan just shot
  18. Nice on iBast.... I think we found our War Minister
  19. Does the government have a senate majority? If not who holds the balance of power? What promises were made at election time? Can we raise taxes or do we have to cut from the budget to pay for it? Do we have to worry about re-election? What do the yanks think? Do terrorists ride motorbikes? So many questions and I havent even made a suggestion yet!!

  20. Cowboy will be out Political Advisor... No real direction or idea, but still earns alot of money and is ummmm, ...... hmmmmm.... well..... something