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Running costs for a year.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by MrOkimura, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Hello everyone,
    The AMC (Australian Motorcycle Council) has asked the MRA to calculate the average running costs of for 3 sizes of bikes over a year. They are a 250, 600 and 1000 with an estimated distance of 20,000k for the year. They are interested in deriving some figures about what it costs the average rider to run their bike, so we need information on such things as servicing costs, repairs, replacement parts (tyres, etc), insurance, petrol, replacement gear such as a helmets and anything else where you have spent money on your bike.

    If you would like to help out, could you please jot down some figures and send them to me at derek@net-dragon.com

    Please not that all information supplied will be used only for the purposes of calculating the result for AMC. It will not be passed on to anyone or used in any other way. and will not be stored once this project is over.

    Derek Clarkson
    MRA Secretary

  2. Be careful, The information you give could come Back and bight us all in the ass. As bikes are generally cheaper to run, proving so will only give the relevant authorities an excuse for increasing rego's,insurances, safety gear etc. Don't be fooled, if they are a motorcycle advisory what ever, they bloody well should know what it costs anyhow, surely they ride don't they?? :?
    My two cents worth :D
    Regards Mick
  3. Who is the AMC. What are they. Are they a paid organisation, as in a full time employee situation. If so why don’t they get off there asses and do the work. Why are they asking others to do there work. WHAT DO THEY WANT THIS INFORMATION FOR. Why have they not told you. You have asked us to give you this info BUT what for. What and who is it going to benefit. I understand they have said its to find out how much it costs to run a bike, so what. Why do they want to know. They obviously want to know for a reason. So what is the reason.

    When asking on a public forum YOU should be VERY clear as to what and why we should provide this info. Just because you represent the MRAA means JACK CHIZZEN mate, sorry. But its like when someone rings you at home and wants to conduct a survey............Fark OFFFFFFF.

    I believe it is very irresponsible for the MRAA to come onto this PUBLIC forum and start asking members to cough up private information, when you don’t have the common decency to explain to us as to what the information is being used for and WHY its being sought.

    Sorry I understand you are a Netrider member but you have come on here as the "Derek Clarkson MRA Secretary" not just the MrOkimura netrider member, so mate I'm just teeing off on your position not you personally.

  4. Well Fark me, its just those sort of negative responses that cause the bike community to be so disenfranchised .. the guy is just responding to a request, Who gives a shit really what its for, is it going to harm any of you? I doubt it very much, as you say the figures are already out there.
    Why are we all so paranoid that someone is out to get us ??

    Paul D
  5. I agree totally.

    But IMHO I believe, like minded people may think screw that, that’s going to take me an hour or so to dig up all that info and transfer it. For what?

    You may get a better response from people if they knew that there efforts were for a good cause, not just a database of drivel info. One would think that the more info they were to receive then a better and more informed information could be gathered instead of it possibly being biased due to a lack of respondence.
    Once all the information is collated then theories can be issued. Scientific theories rest on data from experiments, observational studies and surveys. Objective analysis of data is based on certain assumptions (which can be tested) and involves consideration of probabilities. Most statistical analysis involves comparisons. For a comparison to be meaningful, similar things must be compared e.g. 600cc with 600cc. To get a well balanced and not a biased database of information one requires an input of many experimental units (people) IMHO.

    Therefore as mentioned people may take the effort to give this information if they new what the causal effect and outcome of such an activity would induce, IMHO.

    A questoin to the Mods/Admin people - If the AMC and the MRAA are political bodies or goverment bodies or bodies campaining against government bodies, then should this post be directed to the Politics and Safety section and not the Public forum of the General Dicussion. Just my .05cents peanut opinion
  6. http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/66.html

    i see your point dazza , not every one is a fan of politics , but derek asked if you would like to do it , he isnt taking imfo of the site that you have posted .
    if you wanted to know further details , PM or email him would be a more appropriate response.
    if you dont, well no reply was needed .
    no need to attack him for it .

    if you want to know who the AMC is and what do they do , a one line request would have suficed .

    relax a little mate :wink:
  7. Now Dazza, Go to your room!! :twisted:
  8. Thankyou Dazza for a well thought out scientific reply :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. :D :D :D
  10. Does going to bed count. Note time of reply of first topic :shock:
  11. Mate I realize this. My second reply I think better explained why more info should have been forethcoming.

    PM has been sent. But statisically speaking, if I am asking then more poeple may be thinking what is it for as well.

    Ummm, did that 8) in my first reply.

    Yep. Don't Shoot the messenger..............Sorry Derek :shock: :D
  12. :oops: er, um so there :p
  13. My car (second hand) and bike (brand new) were the same purchase price.

    - The insurance on my bike is double that of my car.
    - Services are similar cost, but every 6,000 for the bike & 10,000 for the car.
    - 4 car tyres cost the roughly the same as 2 bike tyres, but the car tyres last about 40,000kms and my bike tyres around 5,000kms.
    - I don't need any protective gear for my car, but have spent around $3,000 on riding gear.

    My bike uses less petrol (roughly half), but that's the only bit that's cheaper.

    Obviously I'm comparing the costs of a sports bike to a family sedan - but I suspect that is not unusual.
  14. I did say "generally". However on most occasions owning a bike is "usually" a luxury not a necessity such as the car. Therefore higher expenses for maintenance items such as tyres, serviceing etc are only determined by how exotic that ride is you want to own and maintain. Otherwise incorporate your bike into your work such as a courier and claim all above expenses plus the ones you mentioned on you next tax return. :idea:
  15. wow, that's pretty uninspiring :(
  16. If u enjoy something Van , cost's should never be an issue .
  17. oh of course not, it's just that it will firmly put biking into the realm of a hobby/pursuit and not as much an attempt to save money, haha.
  18. Van - Cost also depends greatly on what you ride too and what you are willing to do yourself. I had the tyres replaced once in my 25 000 k's of owning the bike (cost was $350 for this) - 250's tend not to wear the tires out as quickly as the larger bore bikes. I did all servicing by myself (oil changes, sprockets/chain, minor tuning, etc.) which saves a lot of money. I was comfortable doing my own service on the bike because the engine was easily accessible.
  19. that's good news, thanks mate :)
  20. 5000 km for a rear on the SP1 at sedate speeds, at a cost of $350 each. 2000km if riding it hard.
    Front lasted 15000km.
    Fuel at every 180km average 16 literes each time
    Rego was a stupid ~$480
    In-sewer-ants was a hiddeous $3700 per year.
    Service was $150 for the first, $250 for the second, $300 for the 3rd $320 $450 for the next.

    Not counting safety gear, its a pretty expensive way to get from A to B