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Running COLD in winter

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dirrin, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. OK so I picked my new ZXR250C up last week and ride it home no problems but the temp gauge never went off COLD this weekend was a nice weekend for a ride down here in Melb and that’s what I did sitting in the driveway the bike warms up and sounds much sweeter when it is warm, So I jump on and go for a spin after about 5min its back down too dead cold and it never got much above that while it was in motion. So I never really gave it much more then 10,000 12,000 revs.

    Do people cover up the radiator to restrict air flow or do they just run them around cold???
  2. yeah i cover my radiator up. Seriously effect performance, but this is on a 2 stroke. At optimum temp u will get the best out of ur engine, also good fuel economy.
    Tape up 1/4 and see how u go, adjust as needed.
  3. It could be radiator area over cooling the bike, but maybe not.
    If you ride at 100 km/h with teh bike at temperature, can you see the temperature gauge fluctuating up and down in a regular pattern? If so, then the thermostat is working.
    On my bike, I can see this happening on the way to work, and the bike won't get to middle of the temperature gauge until I hit traffic or have to wait at an intersection.
    I tried covering some of my radiator, but I had problems when sitting in traffic, the bike would get too hot.
    It's a tricky issue, I'd like my bike to run hotter on teh highway, but the traffic problem crops up. It's a pretty major thing to engineer a shutter system or similar to fix the problem.
    Another thing it could be is either a thermostat stuck open, or incorrectly installed, so coolant bypasses the thermostat.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Start the bike and let it idle at 4000rpm for 5 minutes. Just put your helmet and gloves on and sit on the bike or just stand around. Dont forget to change the idle back to 2000rpms or less. My mate told me that he lets his bike reach 70degrees or so before he takes off =S (digital gauge)

    Take the bike out for a good ride and fill it up with shell 98 octane (the red handle one :D i find it alot smoother)

    If you have major concerns take it to a mechanic =S

  5. What?
    If I let my bike warm up, then ride at 100 km/h, it cools back down again. Whats your point?
    98 octane does what to help????
    Regards, Andrew.
  6. What /\ /\ said
  7. Thanks guys i cover up about 1/3 of the radiator with carboard and now it runs at about 1/4 full heat moving in open space and about 1/2 in traffic or stoped at the lights. (This was 2night out in the cold) so should be fine! I hope so cause i am taking to Lakes Entrance & Back for the logn weeked
  8. Not an expert in this area but talk to your dealership/service mechanic if you are concerned.
  9. I know the ninja 250 FAQ recommends that you can use a bit of cardboard to cover the radiator in colder months. I have the same problem, now that it has got into winter it doesn't really lift past about 1/10 so I might have to give it a shot.