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Running a bike without a RECTIFIER REGULATOR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by aetude, May 28, 2008.

  1. Running a bike without a RECTIFIER REGULATOR, will this damage anything or will it just cause battery to die after a day or 2 ??

    i am worried it would damage CDI unit then stuff up whole engine.

    also another question i have is i got a problem with my CBR REG / REC would a yamaha YZF R6- R1 fix this ? or GSXR pre 2000 models rectifier with 5 pins ? i heard the genuine and even aftermarket honda ones are no good. @ 160-220$ a pop :p 6 diodes ?
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  3. Rec/Reg does two things. It rectifies AC into DC so it can charge your battery. It also regulates the voltage so you don't fry any components or boil the battery's guts out.

    So, running without one will in most cases just run the battery flat. If all the alternator's output goes through the RR then you should be fine, til the battery dies, that is.

    But, if it has power going to other components that can work on the unregulated AC output then the higher voltages that the alternator may generate as it doesn't have any significant load may cause problems.

    Best ring up your bike dealer and order in a new R/R unit. I'm assuming that it's a Honda of some description. My Blackbird's RR died last year. It cost me $220 for a geniune replacement. I think that it is supposed to be a New And Improved model, so hopefully it'll last a bit longer than the one it replaced.

    When mine died, just before it did, it spiked the voltages and blew both high and low beam headlight globes. Naturally, this happened on my way home from work when it was dark, but luckily it happened in town, not half way home where it's out side of town. So I only had a couple of hundred metres to ride.

    Then a week later, on the Pink Ribbon Ride it shit itself altogether (I ignored the first signs). Battery wouldn't charge, but there was enough juice to run the EFI and fuel pump and the headlight. But when I hit the indicators or brake then the dashboard instruments would go dark. Engine didn't falter, though.

    It was the weirdest thing. Some things would work while others, which used less power, wouldn't.
  4. thanks i dont want to take the risk so i might get a friend to pick it up for me.