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runners knee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by tanyathecheeky, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I'm sorry if this doesn't belong in here, wasn't sure where to put it, and since this place has so many members i thought someone might be able to help me.. (it's sort of bike related - i'm not allowed to ride :()
    My doc has diagnosed runners knee (Chondromalacia patellea) and since I'm only just starting treatment and i injured it 2 months ago, I was wondering if anyone else has it or had it and what time frame until it gets better?
    Are there supplements I can take to help? and do you recommend any extra treatment apart from what the physio recommended?

    Sorry again cos it's not really bike related :)

    oh and please send me lots of positive karma to aid the healing :p
  2. Just wondering: are you a runner?
    What treatment (ultrasound, interferential, TENS etc) and exercises: strengthening (VMO), strapping and stretching (quads) has the physio given so far?
  3. Not a runner, just had an active job that required going up and down lots of stairs - in a hurry :)
    physio is doing ultrasound and electric vibrations?? treatment, twice a week, and i've got to stretch the back of my leg, and build up strength in the front of it..
    I'm sorry i'm not more technical with the info :(

    I've been stuck at home since 10th may, and i'm going out of my mind with boredom. I want it fixed, so i can get a new job and ride my bike :)

  4. Oh yes i have that condition.
    As part of your treatment have you had your feet looked at?
    Flat feet are a common cause of Chondromalacia patella.
    The strapping across the knee helps and it does settle down after a few months but in the end I had surgery and a leteral patella release in order to "weaken" the lateral tendon so that the kneecap could track properly.
    After a second surgery 6 years later in order to clen out the scarring the physio I had at the time suggested i get my flat feet looked at.
    After getting orthotics I haven't had a knee complaint since.
  5. Depending on the degree of inflammation you may benefit from NSAIDS - non steroidal anti - inflammatories. Probably best to let your physio judge that. This medication can irritate the stomach lining so its best to be consulting a health care practitioner if you are taking them. You could reasonably expect it to heal over 4-8 weeks or sooner. You need to follow the stretching and strengthening regime diligently.
    If after that time, it hasn't resolved or has reached a plateau, you may consider consulting an Osteopath.

  6. smee, this was a sudden thing, i stepped out of a lift with my weight on that leg and twisted at the same time, sudden pain :(
    So silly me worked for 10 days after that until i couldn't walk anymore, yes i know I was STUPID.

    That's when i went to the doctor and after mri's and xrays and crappy specialists (who won't tell me anything btw) i find this is where I'm at..
    So you think more months yet? Workcover are paying me like $150 a week, it's making money an issue, i want to work :(

    *edit* thanks G, I'll ask him for drugs on friday :) Does the fact that it went 2 months without treatment mean it'll now take longer to heal?
  7. To a degree, because you may have developed biomechanical and gait compensations for the original injury.
  8. meth - that'll fix you.
  9. Is that meth -amphetamine or meth-adone? :p :LOL:
  10. Tanya, on a serious note, let's know how you go.

    Cheers, :)
  11. =p

    Good luck Tanya!
  12. thanks, i appreciate the replies and the Karma :D

    the wine i'm having tonight is working fine :D
  13. Same way I did mine.
    It feels like a sudden injury but its congenital in the sense the problem was there and the twisting motion was enough to send it over the edge.
    Stand in front of the mirror looking at your stance, in particular your feet.Do you look flatfooted?
    I can guarantee you that it is a precursor to this injury.