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Runaway Car

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Tosh, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. On my way to work yesterday afternoon I turned out of my street onto a side street which leads to a main road. This side street is on a steep hill.
    Anyway as I turned the corner a car was pulling away from the kerb very slowly. No blinkers, nothing. As I sat behind him in my own car I couldn't see anyone in the driver’s seat. To be honest I just it was just another tool behind the wheel so I overtook the car slowly and when I looked over there was no-one driving! "WTF" By this time the car was slowly gaining speed and heading directly to the main road intersection.
    I only had a couple of seconds to decide what to do, so I drove directly in front of it and put the brakes on. I managed to stop it ok and as it was only doing 5-10klms there was only light damage to my bumber bar. I went to the house the car was sitting at and asked if the owner was there. A young woman came out and I explained to her what happened. All she kept saying was that she was positive she left the handbrake on. No real concern about what might have happened.
    Since then all I keep thinking about was "what if" I didn't stop it? I couldn't live with myself if I let it go and some poor bugger got wiped out by this F***wits car!
    Anyway the point of this post is not whether I did or didn't do the right thing, what’s done is done. The point is be careful out there as you just don't know what’s around the next corner. To be honest it scares the f**k out of me thinking about it!
    Keep your eyes open, Tosh.

  2. Good work. Quick thinking. Probably stopped someone from ending up in hospital or dying.

  3. Nice work stopping what could have been a minor disaster at best.
    Now follow up with an insurance claim stating how you were rear ended by this car and have whiplash!
  4. I guess you were in a car at the time right?????

    Good move.
  5. wow. exactly what i would have done, incredible you were going to be overtaking it - very good bout of luck!!
  6. There was a subtle clue in there...

  7. I thought this part gave it away:
  8. My bike has a bumper bar, doesn't yours?

    Yes, missed that bit!
  9. This is where something like the californian? (maybe just san francisco) law where if you are parked on any sort of decent hill - im not sure what their grade classifications are, you must have your wheels turned into the gutter so if they cars brakes fail, and the gearbox isnt enough to hold the weight of the car on the hill, the gutter will.
  10. These situations are particularly entertaining when the owner sees their own car making its getaway.........:D.

    I've seen a couple of solo bump starting events get a bit out of hand too. The best was performed by our local vicar who owned an Isetta bubble car (the type with the big front opening door) with a battery that was rather past its best. On cold mornings he would start it by sitting in the driver's seat with the front open and paddling the thing along in gear with his feet until it fired. One morning it came to life a little earlier than expected and he didn't get to the clutch in time, whereupon he got his other foot stuck under the car, which proceded to drag him out, run over him and chug off down the road in a series of swooping weaves until it was collected by a convenient ditch a hundred yards or so later. All this in front of an audience of appreciative schoolkids waiting for the bus. Fortunately, Isettas weigh very little so he was only mildly squashed, but he bought a new batttery soon afterwards.
  11. No its a California law, I did the test many years ago.....


  12. Faarken hell!! BRILLIANT MOVE!!
    Damned well done!

    You deseve alot of good Kama in return.

  13. HAHA! yeah I've gotta add to this, Ive seen almost the same thing happen!

    I live on a steep hill as well. Once a tourist at the top of our street left her car out the front of the unit she was staying in, with her two dogs inside the car.

    Well she aparently forgot the leave the thing in gear, and handbrake on, or the handbrake had failed.

    Well the car went slowly down the road, with the Jack Russel terrier merrily at the wheel! Strait into the retaining wall of our front garden!!

    We were all out the front watching this happen at the time, the crash messed up the front underside of her car and destroyed 5 rows of bricks on our retaining wall.
    We found the woman who owned the car and explained to her what had happened. We eventually had to get the wall replaced, as it was mostly destroyed.

    Her car was repaired.

    Oh yeah and the dogs were startled, yet fine.

    So yeah, Dogs driving a car! Nibble on that one.
  14. Mate, you took one for the team. Team mankind... Well done.