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Run With The Bulls Moto Shoe?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by acasta, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. #1 acasta, Aug 20, 2012
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    Just having a brows online at some more casual shoes for wearing around. I've currently got full length boots, with toe sliders ect and I don't like the feel wearing them around uni all day.

    I've been considering just wearing regular padded skate shoes, however I came across these "Speed and Strength Run With The Bulls Moto Shoes" Which had a good look as well as support in the right places for riding.

    My question would be, how good would these be in a stack?

    Anyone aware of where to get these or a similar style in Australia?

    Thanks guys
  2. I have seen them on ebay, shipped from US, $105 AUD inc shipping.

    But ideally I'd like to try them on first.
  3. They would be better than sneakers but not as good ad full length, but that is stating the obvious. I fuess you just have to weigh up the risk of the ride. I got some Shift short cuff ones that are worth a try. Wear them when just cruising or heading to a mates place. Then proper TCX S-Race for when it's time to get my jiggy on :)
  4. probably would'nt offer much protection in a stack.
    but if you ever get charged by an angry bull, you're good to go.
    it is possible. lots of cattle trucks on the roads.
  5. Yeah I'm just wondering how much better then plain old shoes? Or if they are just fancy shoes and a waste of cash. I found these when looking at cut-offs or "motorbike shoes".

    MT1; Your attitude toward bull aggression is much to relax. I know they say "rodeo you own rodeo" but I'm always wearing a full length suit for my bull encounters.
    Like this: http://costumeparty.net/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/DP1010081.gif
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  6. Still looking for some discussion. I understand these will be not as great as track boots, but I'm interested in something just to wear around on short trips as Azzab was talking about.

    How good would these be compared to regular skate shoes?

    Anyone aware of where to get these or a similar style in Australia?
  7. If they have ankle, toe, heel (including archilles) protection they would be a lot better than regular shoes. Remember ankle protection is not just for sliding down the road, but for crush and impact protection as well.
  8. I bought these recently. They're decent, and look good. Obviously minimal ankle protection (just padded), but good heel protection and so/so toe protection.

    Alpinestars Fastlane Shoes

    I only use them for going down to the shops, or going out for dinner (where clunky/squeeky motorbike boots would be frowned upon).
  9. Yeah, that is true. In terms of ankle impact protection, those boots tend to be around $400-$500 right? Mine are not in such a high design range. So I doubt I'm loosing as much there.
    The boots I have, and I guess would be comparing too are these (http://www.rst-moto.com/rst-tractech-wp-boot)
    The ankle protection in them seems to be more for abrasion as opposed to crushing/impact.

    This is a link to the shoe, if anyone is interested in have a visual.

    Thanks again.
  10. ok.
    well those particular shoes are cheap because they're being run out. YES PUN INTENDED YESSSSS !!!:woot:
    replaced with an upgraded version which appears to be exactly the same. new colours maybe.
    right so anyway looky see on special/closeouts online shopping stores. find a bargain = probably the old model.

    now then you want the skate shoe look. and yes that's all the rage. and yes i believe it's important to look cool on your ride.
    so you're going that way against all good advice to wear a decent pair of boots. and you may well regret it if/when you bin your bike. and you're an idiot.

    that said, lets find you something that looks cool in that style/range.
    now the coolest set on the market is this one. http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Detail.bok?no=13260good luck finding a pair that will fit you on the planet. huge demand for them. super cool.

    next best (coolest) thing are these. http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/tcx-x-street-shoesthey only sold a waterproof version until very recently. now theres summer and womens versions. theres heaps avail. massive production run. eGay is flooded with them. selling like hotcakes.

    another option, but you can buy local, bikebiz sells them. http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Axo-5-to-9-Riding-Shoes-Red.html
    they're not too bad. just need to slip a comfort insole in them. they do have a hard ankle coverage. and no laces is a bonus. pop the boa button open when you want to slob around. tighten them when you mount your steed.(MONKEYMAN owns a pair so he told me this stuff. he is an idiot though)

    theres also brands like shift kicker shoes. or teknic striker boots.
    similar deal. will find them cheap and plentifull on-line.

    and yeah. always wear propper boots. leave shoes in your locker.