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Run through the hunter Saturday. Sorry about the notice.

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Fj1100, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Ok I'm going on a ride on Saturday, on my own :( cause I wasn't organised enough to sort anything else for my Birthday :(

    I'm going to go from Bathurst, across the bells line (well depending on fire, of course...) Hopefully go up putty rd to singleton, then find my way across to newcastle, then take the turniest route I can find back into the city from there. (as long as we avoid the big green line on the map it should be sweet.)

    Will probably be 6-700 K's for me, about 4-500 if someone wants to meet at the bottom of putty road somewhere. We'll try to stay on the back roads, where we can enjoy ourselves.

    Anyway my number is 0438 646 451. if anyone wants to come along, send me a msg/give me a ring. I'm open to suggestion on the route, I just gotta be in the city at 8 pm so I can get good and drunk :p

    Oh, and if anyone wants to meet up in the city and join in on the drunkeness, then feel free to call/message.

    If this double posts, forgive me for my noobyness :(

  2. CRAP! I should have checked before I guess.

    Putty road is closed as well :(

    I mean, I knew bell was shakey but to take away putty as well!!

    there is no god...