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Rumours VW may consider selling Ducati?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oldcorollas, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Volkswagen Could Sell Off Ducati and Other Brands in the Wake of Dieselgate

    nothing specific as yet (and all seem to reference the Bloomberg report), but VW looking at divesting itself of non-core assets.

    now that Ducati has gotten their shit together and are making money, who would potentially buyers be?
    (if they run VW like an Aussie government, they'll sell all the profitable assets for a pittance and just hope it all goes away :p )
  2. you would hope an Italian company steps up
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  3. Officially VW owns Audi owns Lamborghini owns Ducati. If VW are going to cleave off assets, Lamborghini and Ducati may go as a group.
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  4. well.. they will get more cash for selling assets that make money, but seems dumb to get rid of strong brands that are doing well..
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  5. What happened? Did the factory electrics go wonky in the wet or something?
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  6. they want to sell while growth is still happening as the buyer will assume that they'll do a better job and get even more growth whilst in reality there are only so many scrambler buyers out there and the next product in the pipeline is unlikely to sell as well
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  7. I'm not sure about car companies taking over bike manufacturers. The car makers nowadays tend to be hard-headed business people with no real passion for their product other than wanting it to be profitable and predictable. There are only rare exceptions like Toyota/Subaru and the 86/BRZ.
    Bike makers tend to be successful when their inspiration leads the market into new and unexplored territory and that's anathema to modern manufacturing practice.
    It was a lack of vision that put the Japanese on the back foot in recent years. People don't know what they will want next and too much reliance on customer focus groups and surveys will just lead you down a dead end.
    In some ways I think it's the Italians lack of professionalism that is their greatest asset.
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  8. 100% correct, we want bikes with soul, not appliances!!!
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  9. Yeah Piaggio that would be funny!
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  10. Apparently, back in about 1998 or 99, BMW drafted some of the senior management from their car division into their motorbike division.

    I'm not sure how good this idea was.

    The 1998 model that I have has three positions for the seat, hi, medium and low, takes about 2 minutes to change.

    Later models stopped having this, and, instead sold a higher seat, or a lower seat, each at about $600.:(

    Back to the original topic, I still reckon VW bought Ducati just so they could get the recipe for that gorgeous YELLOW that Ducati do.
  11. I know what you mean, I worked for a finance company that was owned by a bank - that didn't work out too well!