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Rumour: Peter Stevens and QBE have split

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by FormerUser2, May 31, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. could not have happened to a nice bunch of bastards :)
  3. as in only oneof the bunches or the collective bunches?
  4. no doubt not the end of the world for either company.
  5. Right on Groberts, PS suck :x
  6. I haven't had a major issue with them in all the years I've dealt with them.

    Sure there was that one incident with the filter but that was resolved faster than quickly.

    Either you people are unlucky or I'm ace :)
  7. Decided to spoil myself while waiting for the RGV to be repaired and splash out on a new visor. Ordered in a blue iridium visor for the AGV...rocked up and noticed 2 nice deep scratches on either side :shock:
    Voicing my concerns the poor sales assistant tried in vain to find one that was not scratched...He brought out 5, I rejected 5... :x Cowboys! :roll:
  8. Let's hope that's true and hurts QBE through a smaller group of repairers, ergo customers having to go "out of their way", therefore complain and ultimately QBE being forced to drop this whole "preferred repairer" crap.

    After a call: rumour confrmed. They split after they went to court over a case.
  9. The reason why people bag Peter Stevens is the same reason people bag Telstra. PS has become large and VERY successful. So, you need to ask yourself why they have become successful. If their service was as bad as all you people sook, winge and whine about, then they would be out of business.

    I can complain about 90% of the motorcycles stores I have dealt with in 26 years, in one way or another. But, I dont... :)
  10. PS sold me a helmet, which I dropped on the floor and scuffed. Not happy with PS.

  11. bahahaha.
  12. And this is coming from the bloke who threw a gigantic tanty over the possibility that someone may have fiddled with your dials.

    When you get worse than that every time you have had some service work carried out by them, then voicing a little disgust becomes worthwhile.
  13. well I've even had a Honda dealer warn me and other about going there for sales or service. I know this guy personally outside of "bikes' and he is a genuine bloke, not just trying to get extra slaes. (He's a regional dealer anyway)

    Its gotta mean something when other dealers of the same brand are warning customers.